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Seen a lot of buyers come back into the market today and it happened in phases It started off in the Forex markets And then we saw the bond market pick up and now we're just getting some green numbers in equities thanks and it's trading up about a tenth of 1% The next thing tech index is up 9 tenths of a percent and we are now flat in Tokyo and also nearly flat in Australia and the Sydney market So what has changed Well symptoms have been mild so far according to COVID-19 advisers to South Africa that is on this new this new variant that has been discovered and Moderna said that a reformulated shot could be available early next year if necessary And so investors are kind of looking at what happened on Friday is perhaps an overreaction A lot of markets down two and a half to 3% on Friday so the buyers are coming back in But it's not off to the races or anything As mentioned some very light gains and we also have the Taiwan market now that is turned green so the tych there is slightly higher Still some interesting individual stories though Macau casino operator is getting hit pretty hard as police looks like they made it the arrest of the head of the gambling hub's biggest junket operator That's after the city of one Joe in China had approved an arrest warrant for sun city group chief executive officer Alvin Charles This could be bad for the junket and VIP industry and that could affect revenues We see maitua falling pretty hard 9% or so after posting its widest loss since 2018 and Nissan is down about four and a half percent After announcing that it would spend nearly 18 billion U.S. dollars in the next 5 years to electrify more of its lineup Dalian one 1366 yield on the ten year 1.53% WTI crude was a huge bounds of 5% 71 55 a barrel Paul to you Well Moderna says the new Omni omicron coronavirus variant may allude current vaccines and if so a vaccine against it could be ready by early next year This is according to Paul Burton Moderna's chief medical officer and he was here on BBC's Andrew Marshall We should know about the ability of the current vaccine to provide protection in the next couple of weeks But the remarkable thing about the mRNA vaccine to Moderna platform is that we can move very fast Moderna mobilized hundreds of star fairly on Thursday Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. after news of the amaran variant was spreading Burton said protection from current vaccine should still exist and that depends on how long ago a person was vaccinated Oil rebounded after a dramatic plunge on Friday it fell 13% I mentioned this morning it was up about 5% In the meantime OPEC and his allies are increasingly inclined to ditch their plan to raise output next week Bloomberg susannah Palmer takes a look We're hearing from delegates who don't want to be identified that the 23 nation alliance led by Saudi Arabia is leading toward abandoning a plan for a modest production hike set for January Its next meeting is this Wednesday and Thursday The group was already considering a pause after the U.S. and other consumers announced the release of emergency oil stockpiles last Monday The group now worries that the emergence of the omicron coronavirus variant could mean renewed shutdowns and travel restrictions Susanna Palmer Bloomberg daybreak Asia I'm trying to say the U.S. is reopening much too quickly.

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