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It was real vibrant source of sort of strategy. And everything else and david was you so it was very good lot attack issues today. Daria probably midway through your answer. I was on my answering is for what's next for mason. I'm sure he'll he's gonna stacked if he's a very he's still a very sharp guy. We got him on the show before very much on point we. We're going to get him on the show Talk about his latest book as well. He's also been a friend of the podcast sierras to set up a threat. They're on his Onto prestige which was very helpful. So yeah i mean it's always sad to see somebody bowing out. But i do think he's retired at very well mason's a very smart guy. He's made the right moves at all the right times and i think this this is just the latest case. Obvious timing being very good. Yeah huge contributor to poker over a long long period of time and You know we obviously wish him well whenever plans to do next if that sort of semi retirement or full retirement good luck to him. He deserves carlos on that note. It has been absolutely lovely to have you on particularly at such a special time. You are on our list of people to have on this very show but it became very much prescient that we should have you on this very week. Rather than maybe it's time or whenever it would have been Any final thoughts as you enter into what is going to be another few weeks of recipe. Online you don't forget to plug all all the supreme plug carlos yes so plugs I will say thinking poker..

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