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Your listening to the AP digital news network Britain is set for another royal wedding Buckingham Palace announced Friday that Queen Elizabeth the second grand daughter princess Beatrice will marry in London the palace says Beatrice's thirty one and real estate entrepreneur and water my belly multi who's thirty seven we went in the chapel royal of some changes palace the queen will host a reception afterwards at Buckingham Palace Beatrice the elder daughter of prince Andrew and his ex wife Sarah Ferguson announcer engagements to multi last year he's a Briton descended from a noble Italian family the wedding date is set for may the twenty ninth kidnapping survivor Elizabeth smart says she was sexually assaulted last year by a man sitting next to her on a plane AP correspondent Jackie Quinn reports the thirty two year old mother of three tells CBS she was flying to Atlanta in July and was sleeping on the flight when the man next to her started rubbing her inner thigh Elizabeth smart says she froze but reported the attack to authorities she froze she says because the last time she was touched without her consent was during her kidnapping ordeal that began in two thousand two taken from her Utah home and repeatedly raped until her rescue nine months later smart says she called her husband and asked if he had a sign on her forehead that says easy prey or victim adding she's sick of it delta airlines says it's cooperating with authorities as they investigate the incident I'm Jackie Quinn Ford's announced a management shake up following a poor fourth quarter financial performance CEO Jim Hackett says the company fell short of expectations for the year and do you believe the performance largely on the botched launch of the new Ford explorer SUV Ford's now announced automotive president Joe Henrik soul retire effective March first the company's president of new business and strategy Jim Farley will become chief operating officer in charge of global markets and automotive operations and product development chief how Thai Tang will take on an expanded role for products services and customer experiences twins entered a basilar ousted I'm to McGuire than AP news minute army lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman and national security aide and his twin brother lieutenant colonel your Benny been men have lost their jobs at the White House pushed out after Alexander testified against president trump in the house impeachment investigation defense secretary mark asper was ask about protecting them we protect all of our persons for US service members from from retribution or anything anything like that so we've already addressed that policy and and and other means later ambassador Gordon Sunland who also testified in the house impeachment investigation released a statement saying he has been immediately recall from his post as ambassador to the European Union in tonight's debate in New Hampshire between seven Democrats running for president tech entrepreneur and yanks as well they all want to oust president trump Democrats are mistaken in acting as if trump is the cause of all of our problems Yang at strap is a symptom of the disease has been building up for years and decades I'm AT P. digital news back in a moment thank.

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