Senator Bob Corker, White House, Congress discussed on Here & Now - October 12, 2017: Hour 1


You know you sound a lot like senator bob corker in recent days and what he's been saying about the white house well you know it i for work with bob corker and it's probably fair to say that he and i think a lot alike about these kinds of issues because the tradition that and that we were raised with an experienced in the congress and in the executive branch is one where you assume the responsibility of governing and abiding by the values that this country is all about and when that's not happening it concerns us because it represents a real test of whether or not the institutions of our democracy can respond and can try to stabilise our country for the future i will let's talk about the issues and starting with north korea we've seen the rhetoric increase since you and i last spoke but how worried or you about the possibility of a nuclear conflict in the near future well what i what i worry about is that the president seems to have limited his diplomatic options here uh certainly in the comments he made about secretary tillerson show it's beginning to reduce itself to the military options none of which frankly are very acceptable there's no check here it's just two people playing with the potential for a nuclear war and i think that's dangerous do you think that president trump is trying to push north korea to make the first move so that he can respond.

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