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Cancer, but no I understand that that's entertained. Yeah, but but you're right and Vince. McMahon is always kind of preached about storylines, personalities characters like he dot wrestlers. They're superstars and right now. War Machine is Eric and. Thank you Gabby so? Not War machine the Viking Raiders Military Ivar. But you know, but there really aren't a Lotta. Superstars on Monday night raw like they're just because you call them. Superstars doesn't make them superstars because in order to be perceived as a superstar, there needs to be that emotional investment, and there isn't a lot of characters and personalities on Monday night raw where I have that emotional investment obviously last night you got that with Drake Maverick, because you were taken on a ride, and as said bully, you like a little realism in pro wrestling. There was A. A lot of realism, or at least we perceive it as realism in that storyline with Drake Maverick, so, of course there's going to be emotional investment. You know you're watching that match and you're praying that. He's not gonNA lose because you want another week with Drake Maverick, and now you're gonNA. Get it hit with him signing that contract and they broke your heart when he got pinned last night. That's emotional investment. They're just not able to really do that with the three hours. They have on Monday nights. They've. I agree. It's three hours of us saying I hope something's good I'm hope something good me? Mark conflict talk about Apollo crews with the smile. He's to smile too happy. He's getting. I said tomorrow yesterday almost like. Let's take his smile since he's got such a great. Lights up the room. Let's use that as a character point. And what I said is. Do you remember the movie American gangster with Denzel Washington? Yes, when Denzel smiled, he would always say my man. But when he did that. That means rash was dead. When Apollo crews smiles. That should mean Oh, something's wrong. Now. This guy is going to come after me so like when Kevin Owens said the other night well, I feel really bad for you because you're going to be the shortest reigning. Champ, or whatever the hell he said to them. Whatever champ? What is he? US? Champ you, yes. Short training in US champ. Ever that's where Apollo crews should've just smiled for the first time went my man, and then drilled them right in the fricking mouth. The gotTa get character. They gotta get something down with him. As opposed to just happy, go lucky, Smiley, white meat, baby face Wi. With any kind of character or personality in movies, bully, every personalities kind of layered and with a lot of the characters that were seeing Monday night raw. We're not seeing those layers in the personality. It's very surface. You're not seeing anything beyond that I. Just want to clarify something because I could see people taking something the wrong way. A white meat baby face means white meat is bland on chicken. Okay, I'm. I'm not referring to a white meat. baby-faced talking about a black man has nothing to do with the color of their skin, an old school terminology, white meat baby face, white meat is bland, bland baby face. Just want to clear that up for people who might not know the expression soccer is a passion.

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