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A hell of a year. Or maybe i should say it's been a year of hell. Twenty twenty introduced us to covid nineteen quarantine life and extreme economic uncertainty but it also bore witness to an impeachment trial brexit police violence against black americans crackdown on peaceful protests. In hong kong post-apocalyptic wildfires. Murder hornets five g conspiracy theories the cancellation of the summer olympics. A massive russian hack of the us government way too many celebrity podcasts and way too much banana bread and three hundred sixty five more excruciating days of the trump presidency on the upside. The election hopefully put an end to said presidency. Once and for all harvey weinstein went to prison and we got a new season of the crown. Still i think we can all agree that this has been just about the shittiest year in recent memory. And we're all looking for a little closure here to help as a brand new comedy special from amazon prime video that will give twenty twenty the sendoff it deserves with an all star lineup of female comedians. Who eulogized the things we lost this year yearly departed is available on amazon. Starting december thirtieth. And today i'm joined by the show's writer and executive producer cobb who talks about her own trials and tribulations over the past year including a recent cove. Scared the pediatrician. How she finds catharsis through laughter. And how that inspired her to bid adieu to twenty twenty with a rollicking roast style memorial service. She reveals some of the comedians that she attracted to this special. Some of the things. They sarcastically eulogize. And how they managed orchestrated an entirely. Socially distanced production. That doesn't look like it on the screen. Best share stories from her eight years as a comedy writer on jimmy. Kimmel live including being the interviewer for jimmy. Lai witness news segments and coming up with the classic baby bachelor sketch less. She talks about writing jokes. For hillary clinton working as an undercover speechwriter at the democratic national convention. And perhaps her proudest moment getting blocked by donald trump on twitter. Coming up with best cobb in just a moment okay. Best cow is an emmy award.

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