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And so I call this wife Susan and I said, so what you know what's going on with Philip? And, and she said, well, he's now he's at home, now he's has to, he's living in this assisted care situation. And I said, we'll blue so I started thinking, well, I don't think he's going to remember me, but maybe I should go visit him. He's in Kansas City, and bring some pictures and sit down with him. And she's like he can't. Talk. He does he cannot speak. He can't take care of himself. He can't clean himself. He can't go to the bathroom, or does it just just this crazy? Severe dementia that just set in and it's like, is it our Ganic though? Yeah. And it's like what the prognosis and it's like there's nothing. He's, he's supposed to died, six months ago, and he's still alive. Sorry. Is she about his age? I mean she. Try to keep it together. She younger. In. Hits. To this. He was just such a he's such a guy life or, and I hadn't seen him you know. So it's like he he was over at my house, where eating sushi. You know, he was going on cruise ships and performing and doing everything and. And now it's like he doesn't talk. He doesn't walk. He doesn't do anything he's, you know, he's, he's a vegetable basically, and I said, we'll what's, what's the deal while he supposed to be dead? But now they think maybe he's going to go on, but there's no long-term anything. He's just no. He wouldn't be able to communicate and his, his. His wife has such a great spirit. I'm like, wow, because she had to take care of him. And she's like, I'm just thankful for the years that we had. She not better. She's not upset, she's not cursing, God or anyone else, she's just like I'm so thankful that he came into my life. And that's not got what, what woman, I mean, and it made me think, you know, we all should adopt that, I mean, we all should, you know, they she's like we had fifteen great years together. I wouldn't trade it for anything I, thank God that he came into my life, and that's where I'm at with it. And I was like, wow. Wow. So try to get out and see him. But there's you know, there's he's not gonna know me obviously, he's not going to be able to communicate with me, but. I was sort of prepared for him not being able to remember me, you know, but I didn't know he was completely this just, just gone. And it's really it's worse than being gone because this could go on for, for ten years, you know, of just complete nothing just, you know, she doesn't want that either, but. It's so weird because I was out of touch, and they weren't able to get hold of me, and I was not able to get these little incremental incremental updates. It was so it was. So sudden for me. I've like you know, he was, you know, you know Mr. life of the party mister, good good-looking Misteri. He wasn't an accountant for law firm. It was a juggler unicycle riding juggling performer who else heard. Yes. Love. Love to have fun and, and just had this great spirit and just magnum is and just easy and friendly. And, you know, he was one of these guys who when I met him, he was, you know, in show business, and I was struggling carpenter. And I and I, I'm marveled at his life and what he did travel and they got. Oh, go see him in Las Vegas. Go open for Andy. Johnny Mathis, and he'd take me backstage take picture, Johnny man and all this. And then certain point I got more much more successful than he did. But he always just enjoyed it. Like he he wasn't. He never held a grudge or was like, you know, some people get catty about, you know, I was here. I you know, I did now you've passed me and now we're not talking anymore..

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