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Sixty nine degrees in Boston going up to about seventy seven today near the coast and looks like eighty one in some western suburbs. The fog will eventually lift this afternoon and make way for beautiful sunshine. Traffic and weather together coming up Saturday morning September fifteenth, I'm Tina Chow WBZ news. Thanks so much for joining us. Our top story at ten thirty as residents continue to recover from Thursday's gas explosions and the Merrimack valley close to seventeen thousand people are still without power. Most of these outages are Lawrence followed by Andover and north Andover. Me mom is blaming the fires and over pressurized gas lines. And they say it could take at least a few weeks for full restoration the NTSB. Meanwhile is sending a team here to Massachusetts too closely investigate a series of explosions that displays more than eight thousand people at a height of Thursday's chaos. The NTSB could be on the scene for at least a week. They will be gathering. Evidence from the accident site and pulling together information from federal state and local agencies, including Columbia gas. Investigators will be looking very closely at a pipeline systems design upgrades and the operators overall pipeline management some of those systems day back to the eighteen sixties. This is the president of Columbia gas. Steve Bryant, we've been using all our resources to get this get this project is far down the road is possible. I respect the governor's judgement. The governor has the same interests as we do. We want to restore service to these customers. Governor Charlie Baker has declared a state of emergency and decided that eversource energy will now be managing the efforts on the ground going forward. Bill will be overseeing the work forever source. He says there's just one primary goal. We have to make sure that beyond.

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