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At a very competitive car, a lot of a lottery that it was a fun time ended up selling that car, and now we now were all all full board the promotion and track games can't play too much anymore. For for you and this event. Kinda let everybody know what they can expect from this I mean. I'm looking at some of the cars. Especially, the Promo codes man this things are bad, ass. and. Just to see those cars would be worth the the price of admission. One. Hundred percent the prologue that really is your knowledgeable known of class that beating on the door two, three fifteen. And a ton of run running the three fifty. At over two hundred miles per hour on the eight mile. But then a lot of people on some of the common knowledge agrees fan don't have knowledge of radio versus the world. it is actually a radial tire. That measures in about eleven, inches, and with eleven to twelve inches in with and. They have the same power plants is. promonk close to the same weight the moment were left. Some of them are more and you'll see those or running the three fifty actually last year they were the fastest cars we had. We set the national record in radio versus the world last year. Bet. Going three, fifty, seven with an actress car. I think I remembered I remember seeing that because it ended up in the Weirdo. Yes. Yeah, and we we're actually the only rate on the planet right now that will put Promo Code and radio worse the world beside each other and raise them side-by-side shootout. And we do that on Friday night with with Judgment Day. And that's the deal where basically the top eight qualifiers in Promo Code and the topic qualifiers regulars the world will. The WHO they get to run and whichever team win with him doubt about. That reminds me as a fan as a drag drag racing novice of the NRA versus MCA Super Bowl, how they how they do those guys up and at the end of that event do kind of the same thing. Yeah. Exactly. you run out and go for the reins of at epidemic ta deal and which we I helped on a car that's running that the very, very often program that they do. Over on that side but this deal is really cool because You have guys that. Will race against each other that never ever have lined up with. Each Other I. I'm really good friends with a lot of the radio guys I've been in this market for ten years. And those guys have never raced with Tommy Franklin. John Strickland. Like and it's really cool because. You get to see you think all the time man I wonder what Jaycox do beside. Marcus bird or Stevie Jackson or or anything like that, and you actually get to see that play out. And it was crazy because we all joked around last year saying man wouldn't it be cool to see Marcus Berg Tommy Franklin, run each other in this deal because they were both nitrous cars they were both number one qualifier. You know the to back yet property who wouldn't want to see that rick absolutely and And we're sitting here joking around going well, you know what's the fate in that? Will. They all draw kit?.

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