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We have to prepare ourselves for an avalanche of disinformation in September October coming from Russia and russian-backed individuals that is amplified by the Republican Party and by people even like Lindsey Graham, who casts himself as some some rational hawk, so I'm glad they were calling that out. And hopefully we have antibodies in the media, the media that so gleefully and greedily reported on wikileaks dumps. There were Russian hacked documents as if they were news when it was just kind of Clinton campaign gossip they. They shouldn't be repeating the mistake of essentially being a mouthpiece for Russian disinformation. We've seen other countries. Do this the French before macron's election the French media not that they're all supported mccrone, but they said we're not gonNA release in report on the macron leaks right, which was an effort to replicate what was done here where we're much less prepared is the executive branch is not going to try to defend our election, and that has two dimensions. Worry US one. We don't know what we don't know and when Rick Grenell was running intelligence community. And he's been replaced by WHO's not quite as big a hack, but is a hack. He took steps to limit the number of people reportedly who could have access to any information about Russian interference, including not reporting this information to Congress. So clearly what you're seeing is the US government is going to be a willing partner Russian disinformation. They're going to try to keep it from getting out. That Russia's interfering in our election i. mean it's astonishing to think even it's totally predictable in a way that that's where we're at where we are. I think the most extreme scenarios are. There were some concerns in two thousand. Thousand Sixteen. The Russians did hack the results of the election, but in this has come out in some of the congressional committee reports. The Russians were gonNA probing election infrastructure. The absolute worst case scenario is that the Russians tried hack the actual election in that the US government isn't trying to defend that from happening now I think we'd see that because the states hold elections, but but we need to have our antenna up and I'm glad the Biden campaign. And Democrats in Congress are already trying to get ahead of that yeah. I think that all our friends who worked on the Clinton campaign in two thousand sixteen felt like when they talked about potential Russian involvement in these hacks early on, they were looked like looked at like. They're wearing. You know Tinfoil hats, but today you have a report out by the U.. K. Government that basically says their governments. Several governments in a row warnings about interference in their politics, and they basically haven't really investigated or dug into the impact that Russian. Interference might have had on major issues like Brexit, so it's like. Despite the fact that propaganda from Russia from the US from all these countries has been happening for decades. It does seem like. The recent iteration has really caught people by surprise, and no one has figured out how to deal with it. Yeah, and everybody should anticipate that. The Russians won't just do exactly what they did. Last time you know the Russians evolve their tactics, and they learn from what they did in the past they try new things, and so this could take all manner of different forms and the hack. We saw for instance of twitter, right? There's part of me that seriously. Doubt said that was just somebody seeking. Get some bitcoin. No chance like having the keys to everyone's twitter account is so much more valuable than a hundred thousand dollars in Bitcoin. Give me a fucking break. Yeah, so that's another. Russia could do different things they could hack twitter accounts on the day, the election and try to spread chaos and disinformation. They could put out deep fake videos of Joe Biden. They could do all manner of things that are new right, so it's both about yeah, they're going to flood social media with bullshit and try to turn people against each other poses Bernie brose and Try to attack. Joe Biden left and the right and from conspiracy theories, but they could be doing other shit, too, and we just need to have our antenna up here and again. This isn't just on. You know elected officials. It's on the news media to be wary of the sources of information right. because. We know it's coming and we shouldn't fall in the same trap again. Yeah, I was very glad to see the the Biden campaign has really trying to get ahead of this. Congress working with them to. Talk? About Iran for minute because I, think last show we talked about some mysterious explosions in Iran specifically at sites linked to their nuclear and missile program. Those mysterious explosions continue last week seven ships at Iranian port caught on fire. There's like gas storage tanks or mysteriously blowing up. There's literally dozens of fires and explosions happening across Iran so you and I obviously have zero information that isn't publicly reported about what's happening, but most security experts believe this is a sabotage campaign by the Israeli government in the US, either aware of it in okay with it or actively participating and I guess the question that I come back to is why now? Last week Ben the there was this Yahoo. News report that said the CIA has been given much greater authority to wage covert warfare cyber warfare against adversaries like Iran without approval by the NFC without having to go back to the White House for more approval. That'd be a big deal if it's true. Some people are speculating that you know those conducting these attacks say these rallies want Iran to respond and then get drawn into a broader military conflict. The. Washington Post editorial in this today. They tend to be pretty conservative. On these issues. They called the maximum pressure strategy of failure and talked about how Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium is now five times greater than it was. When trump withdrew from the Iran, nuclear deal, our former colleague at the White House Dennis Ross, told the Post what the Israelis have seemingly done is create space for diplomacy if Biden comes in now I think I. Know What Dennis means there. He's saying that like. Like this sabotaged set back Iran's nuclear program, and would give Biden more time to negotiate, but I think it's the Orwellian. Suggest that blowing stuff up leads to diplomacy. I'm not sure we'd feel the same way if the situation was reversed. So then that's a bunch of background back to the central question like why do you think this is happening now? Do you have a theory and like I don't know how we understand this well I. One theory right is that trump may lose. And so the Israelis. Administration coming in. That is not going to want to go along with their cyber war..

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