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In the future. Keep it here for details on this story and more in the minutes ahead. Now we go to Rick and the traffic center. All right, Liz, let's take you back around the capitol beltway, bit so volume on the interleukin three Bethesda, outer loop through silver spray and Potomac where we may have a little bit of sun glare, headed toward the legion bridge, volume of the interlude from the toll road to the legion bridge and volume starting to thin out just a little bit on the outer loop through landover and volume along both loops. At the Wilson bridge, and that just got sunset up all around the circle of the beltway. Two 70 with volume south and stretches from 85 down to route 80, volume along the northbound side through parts of clarksburg and heights town, no change since our last report, I 95, Maryland side with volume here and there still through north parts of Laurel and savage are good on the southbound side. BW Parkway north, near route one 97, the crash from last hour is cleared long gone. The laser start to thin out on both sides as well. Route 50 still traveling well in the mains, expect delays on the eastbound span from a cape saint clear at last check to the eastbound span delays westbound across Kent island, three lanes west and two lanes east cross bay still have a crash investigation going on up in urbana involving a motorcyclist struck about a few hours ago, all lanes of route three 55 are still shut down between Lois dill and Matt rose. Pretty much quiet long 66, three 95 most of your volumes laser northbound after boundary challenge you make your way toward the inbound 14th. I 95 volume north from newington, no change, volume along the southbound side's lowest through parts of Norton woodbridge and Dale City has volume northbound two and through Fredericksburg. Dal and king George county, Virginia, headed north along our route three O one across like Mac Milton bridge we believe the police activity was cleared from the right side. Don't sell your used car to a stranger. Be safe and go to fix buys, cars, dot com. Get the most money for your car to save new car showroom. Go to fits by cars dot com and that's the fits way. Rick McClure WTO traffic. 7 news first alert meteorologist Mark Pena. Complete one 80 from the weather we had yesterday out there. We have lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures, hopefully you're able to get outside and enjoy with your mom

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