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You're the manager. Manager! All right. We'll give you brody's home phone number all right. Let's get into the Daniel. And, thank you to orbit gum. Thanks to orbit gum. They're going to send Larry One thousand dollars with the free money. Sorry. Susan's Ali. Alicia keys is going to be on the phone in little under an hour. Her New Book came out yesterday I've already started thumbing through it on audible. You can actually thumb through your audible and It's interesting. It's interesting. Hell how she got started. It's amazing. I'm going to ask her the question about the piano. Her neighbors left behind when they moved. That's why she became a superstar. You'RE GONNA love. Love this all right. Let's get into the Daniel report. Go ahead all right. We'll follow along with this one, so we talked about Cardi. B. Wanting to start a go fund me for Tiger King Joe. Exotic right so supposedly. She had started it, and then it got taken down because you really can't start a go. Fund me for somebody WHO's in prison. This is not right. You just can't be right. Says well. Wait a minute. That wasn't me I was only kidding didn't really start at go fund me, Bay somebody else started I. Guess in my name will merely. There's a video going around of Joe Exotic. Complaining that he wasn't allowed to use the N. word, he wanted to use it. He's and everybody else is allowed to use A. why can I use it and then apparently carting fry him say that, and then she said to throw his ass in jail. So that's the new story today. Smoke I don't agree I mean Joe. Exotic should be in jail. Don't we all agree on that I mean. Every single person in that Docu series should be in jail for something everyone. There's not one innocent in that group. Yeah! There's something on everybody there. So I, don't know I don't know if you're following pink on Instagram, but she puts up some really great stuff that video. She was giving her son a bath. Jamison and she was singing a little gospel to him, and she said that faith always gives her comfort, so listen to how amazing.

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