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89. Good morning, it's 5 38. It's traffic and weather on the 8th and it's Jack Taylor in the traffic center. All right, our bellway in Maryland, prince George's county, outer loop, the ramp to go west on 50 the John Hanson highway, one slid off the wall or slid off the roadway into the wall along the left side of the roadway, stay right on that ramp to come past without delay, but some flashing lights on the outer loop in college park at route one, X to 25, we'd had a wreck over on the left shoulder. There is a delay Baltimore Washington Parkway headed northbound just before one 98 stay left. There's a broken down vehicle in that far right lane. Otherwise, 95 in the BW Parkway looked good both ways between the beltways, two 70s still fine at a Frederick, headed down toward the lane divide, 50 out at the bay bridge, we're now under limited wind restrictions. You're gonna find empty box trailers, house trailers, any vehicle that can't safely cross the bridge will not be permitted across. You'll find in the district, we're still looking good across the freeway, no troubles yet on New York avenue. Heavy moving through Chevrolet on 50 west into northeast, no real issues on I two 95 yet to slow you down all the way up toward the inbound 11th. There was a slight delay earlier exiting to go inbound on the 11th street bridge even that is eased back. Nice trip early in Virginia on the beltway between Alexandria and McLean, heavier, 95 northbound Dale City coming into woodbridge so far nothing to report that is the only delay between falmouth and the 14th street bridge. 66 even looking good at a Gainesville east, headed toward roslyn should find nothing in your way yet. On the rails, Mark Penn line trained 5 O 5 reporting of 15 minute delay, pen line train four O three was canceled this morning, but again, being accommodated by Mark train four O 7. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supplies opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school, visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC, water systems, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. I'll look at the forecast now with Chad Merrill. The off and on showers tapering into sprinkles later this morning, maybe a few glimpses of sunshine this afternoon, but sprinkles return and occasional light

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