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Tonight tonight several developing stories as we come on the air the first person working inside sedan on President Trump's phone call with the president of Ukraine what he says he heard and then reported more than once at tonight the other breaking headlined the shouting match that erupted during that testimony were members of Congress trying to get him to reveal the name of the whistleblower also breaking tonight the raging fires and Kelly Eh the major new concern at this hour tonight into tomorrow now bracing for the worst winds yet hurricane force wind gusts and tonight already in Los Angeles homes burned to the ground and to the north and San Francisco more than one hundred homes and structures gone rick seen the northeast tonight the plane crashing into a neighbor Hoods setting homes on fire there is news coming in tonight about the pilot Boeing C. E. O. grilled by Congress confronted by families holding up pictures of loved ones in year after the first deadly crash that 737 Max jet how he responded that cruise ship tragedy at toddler granddaughter falling from that cruise ship window tonight or Indiana grandfather charged with negligent homicide the family defending him and what they're now demanding to see deadly earthquake tonight building making homes and schools destroyed breaking news in the urgent manhunt for missing fourteen year old girl a confirmed sighting tonight with the suspect and the horrific attack at a McDonald's drive through and the motive behind it this is ABC news tonight with David Muir fitting it it's great to have you with us here at Tuesday night and we begin tonight with the first person working inside the White House to testify in the impeachment inquiry spending hours already answering questions defying the White House order not to appear Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vitamin A decorated Iraq war vet and the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council. His office in the White House he listened in on that call between president trump and the president of Ukraine what he says he heard on that call and then reported on multiple occasions and tonight what we have just learned from it inside the questioning the shouting that erupted were members of Congress trying to get the witness to reveal the whistleblower. ABC's Mary Bruce Leads us off from the hill tonight Lieutenant colonel Alexander Vitamin a decorated combat veteran arriving on Capitol Hill today the first person working inside the White House to testify and the first witness who listened in on the phone call between President trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski Vin men who works on the National Security Council telling lawmakers that he was concerned earned that on that call trump was pressuring Alinsky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter in his Opening Statement Veneman said I did not think it was proper to demand is that a foreign government investigate a US citizen adding that it would undermine US national security he said he was also troubled by the behavior of Gordon into the US ambassador to the European Union in a meeting with Ukrainian officials then men recalled ambassadors sunland started to speak about Ukraine delivering specific investigation agents in order to secure the meeting with the president he says then National Security Adviser John Bolton interjected cutting the meeting short later Vin men recalled he self-stated to ambassador Sunland that his statements were inappropriate that the request to investigate Biden and his son had nothing to do with national security vitamins testing Oni raising questions about what SOM- Lynch told lawmakers the ambassador.

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