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David Jennings. The new sponsored by news nation. A grand jury in Kentucky made a decision. Many in Louisville did not want to hear WG and traffic only one item of note on the express ways until always right now, that's on the ICQ, inbound from the burning to change to the post office that stretches closed for construction work and will remain so until 5 A.m.. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's at yesterday. Grand jury found that two of the officers involved in the shooting of Brienne Briana Taylor six months ago fired their weapons and self defense after her boyfriend opened fire on them. The only officer who was charged was indicted on three counts of wanton endangerment Brett Hankinson. Who they say fired shots blindly into apartments. There's nothing conclusive to say that Detective Hank and since any of his bullets hit Miss Taylor, Cameron says the officers did announce who they were before they entered into the home. The ex Louisville cop Brett Hand Jensen was released after posting $15,000 bond yesterday. He is only charged with endangering neighbors for bullets. He fired in to Taylor's apartment, which in turn then when it to some of their neighbors, apartments. Demonstrators gathered in many places across Chicago last night to react to the grand jury decision somewhere down in my money in park amount of Dr LaShawn Latrice with black lives matter, Women of faith people are hurt. People.

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