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Right that that usually sometimes the case. Well, we're gonna move onto aim as recap. So the AMA's canoe yard says, she didn't watch it. I gotta came on, I saw you AJ's pictures on Instagram, shoot. They they all somewhere. So I'll say out, we were out, but we went to the AMA's and it was fun. Tracy owes Ross hosted. Again, they did a great tribute to read the Franklin who was in it was Donnie McClure in Mary Mary. They had Clark on the AM a and c senior why they had. Who was Gladys Knight open on the AM, a sure did I wanted to see minor was there like it was it was it was it was. Yep. But that was really Cardi. B.'s performance was dope. Sierra's performance was my absolute favorite. I love your ATS. I love ear though, so much. She was great who has performed that really enjoy. Post Malone was really good we. Yeah, Cardi b. was great. Those are my favorites. Tell us who shaman disease follow quite a meal in his junior all social media. He is talking about this Shawn Mendez character, and you know not. Can you John. This is so. Shawn Mendez I forgot his performance everything. What does he say? He's if you, if you look at his, he sing well, recently in my blood loss in Japan. But from back in the day, treat me better. There's nothing holding me back. There's nothing holding me back. You'll notice on our entry better than he Shaamit it hasn't his okay. But anyway, I love him so much and I actually made it happen. I was a Stocker Lookie, but I got myself with him at the show, but he is my favorite. My favorite, my favorite. My favorite jaylo was out here looking flawless as always and she is fifty and still j. look like, I just don't understand. But yeah, AMA's were good. It was on Tuesday this year, which is kind of weird it was that what it was? It was cannoli normally, you know, it's on. Sunday, but it was on Tuesday. Emmys were on Monday. So what's going on with know why they're switching up? Because on the one hand, especially for AMI's isn't that maybe they trying to compete with football, they don't wanna compete, maybe. But then I'm thinking from the perspective of you move, a musical were show to a Tuesday, then don't you kinda lose like your kids and teenagers have to get up for school the next day. I don't know how that works because they gotta get up on Monday if it's on Sunday. That's true. I guess it doesn't change. I mean, I haven't looked to see what the ratings are all about football? Yeah, it might be all about the football watching it and seeing to it right y'all between the footballing us was supporting that, but say, what did you think about Mariah marash performs was by actually, hairy. I saw her rehearsal, so I knew what some of the elements were going to be, but it was nice likes team. People react if you have time watches. Nice seeing people react to the performance lavish. She retract that. She needs. Got a back in trauma. She's saying to like, I was surprised you. You actually heard her sing. Live backtrack was a little out. It was a little. Nevan Jack, but you heard her too though. I was glad that it wasn't just like. You could hear her too. And some other news in our little pop go to recap so tear it's Jay is in the news because he was a legend involved in the hit and run accident, and at the report first came out 'cause he's been dating jasmine. Sanders golden Barbie. For a while. And when news first came out and said that he crashed his two hundred thousand dollar mclearn into a parking meter or something a business in fled the scene, and we were all kind of like what? So then shared room posted about it..

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