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That that was made in that time right no exactly the guys you know got the brothers named the writer but ryan kugler rewriting partner they did an exceptional job of of stepping out of that right you know because that was always the same thing with luke cage it was something that i was never really interested in and i know cheo he did a kick ass job i also love that because i felt like that was a love letter to new york to harlem in the ninety s yeah which is a real beautiful thing but again like the hero for hire just like to know win is like do say yo i gotta get paid right that's what i'm saying like the superhero we got us finally got a superhero and he's like put the brakes on y'all i'm not gonna show any to fucking pay me right curse i didn't know oh yeah we yeah this is lees please do these as they as they say that i tunes explicit explicit isn't that the the word where he police we're an explicit we're an explicit explicit diversify versed urban so actually this is a i think this is a great segue to talk a little bit about drumline because i personally feel and it was your second film that you directed but it has for me it's film that we we all love and it's a film that has kind of the elements that we're talking about a person who is just an average who's an average kid he has a passion his passionate drums i mean it's it's it's what do you what was that movie we compared it a lot to stump the art no whiplash because whiplash came after and i mean whiplash i mean what we saw whiplash it's it's a good film told you did a great job and jake they were all great but it was just so interesting to see a film like that get this perceived where so many years before we had drumline that was dealing with a very similar subject of course it was you know in a school that had mostly black predominately black college and so we has that culture those cultural elements but the the story and the heart of the character feel very much in line with this is an ordinary person that anybody can relate to definitely the agenda i think you know it's interesting that that was that wasn't the written agenda i think for me that that's what in many ways my my spirit right that was that was agenda or goal without even saying okay i got this all planned out but it meaning for it to be a universal move right and i will sort of tote that that bag of of of that of saying that the success for me that movie was that it transcended its blackness i think so too that's a tricky one because blackness is a wonderful word but at the same time it does what it does which is the segregate or to say that i am other than besides just being a citizen but yes so it transcended that it's a popcorn movie right because it's a popcorn movie and it right rupture takes it out of the prestige right away but i also i think no one was ready for that right and that's not like a sophistication like nobody was ready ready for a film that had essentially an all black cast takes takes place at a historically black college and and it involves marching band like just on the universal tables right movie about marching bands like belly march but no one knew the aesthetic diversion that historically black colleges created.

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