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Singing route. Two is a i can see on the co. You're smiling quite quite broadly. The singing all parts of it was what kept us. All going women made up songs. We picked a choon and everybody would just have guy when we just add lines and it helps to lift your spirits when you are working together on anything and i think that that was something that fills us with infusing gasa because it does get a bit flat when i first went there we had actual structures. We had benders that we lived in we. I lifted an ambulance thought was rosy times but then they made illegal to have structures on the common illegal to have fires on the common. And it just got harder and off because we aren't the sort of adapts on how to live without those luxury items as they turned out to be. I was going to say because in one sense. You're talking with smiles and warm memories wanting to help and rebecca feel strongly about this as well. How people remember this huge women's movement from around the world but the reception to you was mixed. I'm even got a message here. That's just came in so dodging hippies with zero understanding of global politics at rebecca. What would you make of that. Because that's that's one of the ones. I can probably read aloud. Yeah there's a lotta strong feeling. And they're always around social justice change. Occ messages on that. Why naive factor called the green and women accenture because well didn't share in the and the tabloids certainly put it in other ways. Yeah and it's really interesting. Because obviously i think it's naive site week. Women stink living somewhere flooring thousands of women around the country getting discussions about feminism and nuclear proliferation close to dinner tables every house in the country costing hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage to the american english governments across nearly twenty as it would be. It would be naive to say that was not a massive thorn in the side of the establishment and they didn't change the relationship between men and women and it didn't create a dialogue nationally and internationally around what we should do with weapons and how we should handle sows. military's clearly you can't send just one. Group has responsibility for changing basis. But you can you would be to say a massive campaign. The largest lead competence. Suffrage didn't have a huge impact on that. There's also that the you mentioned the tabloids. I think is really interesting that the tabloids particular incredibly bulent about lesbianism at the camp and things like that particularly on that but it goes up to that point. That wasn't even a public discussion around the fact that there one lesbians even now not so jeannie that can back in the bottle one of the ripple effects of greenham is that you know we all much more open about the fact that women have same sex relationships as well. Do you mind me the time. But civilly was something. That's one of the movements. That may. I saw lesbian on the tally on tent. And i saw it in the papers. I thought oh my god. I'm not the only one. I'm gonna go bad. That's might be that brought together for lofty ways into that. That primary relationship didn't have to come from that. Which is you can never go back from the its radical rebecca morton and sioux. Say speaking swimmer. Okay here's a question for you. All how often do you look in the mirror another question..

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