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Reassurance roofs lifetime roofing or simply better than everyone else's period so it is the x. poll and. We're just asking what was your first, TV or movie crush mine was was with. Montgomery onto which Oh Well I forgot what I. Mean I forgot about Richard hatch on battle star. Galactica. Don't embarrass yourself. With that. Apollo don't. Embarrass yourself of course Elaine. Joyce I guess he's pretty embarrassing. Shout, Elaine Joyce from the rooftop In there and get that pulled up Dylan Allred here is he has. A, crush what is I think guys have a certain age, and, I've I've I've had this discussion. With, people before the pink Power Ranger from along the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Yeah I'm getting a lot of that in in. The tax Amy Jo Johnson. Is. Her name singer. Now you, mean that. That woman who's who has. A chin. That seven inches long Sorry I don't know I don't. Know, what it was about the power it was probably a personality she kicked ass Yeah All. Right Let's see getting a lot of, all. Right Dr Mike is? Here Hello Dr. Mike. Morning Hello Hi there, is. Dr Mike factions. Doing? Some work go. Ahead Good morning It had to be either ginger or Marianne from. Gilligan's violent you just have to? Pick, one, no, no no ginger and Marianne sandwich is what you're looking pretty much when I sign off by the wind forced to pick Marianne The innocent girl next door Ginger, yeah I really I mean seriously series as, you can be like this Of course again in my Agnes. Moorehead, vein I, was pretty, pretty fond of Natalie Schafer as MRs Howell No thank you Let's. Go to. Daniel, hi Daniel Hi So I would say would probably be Carrie. Fisher The Empire Strikes. Back Sure All. Right thank. You Go to Jordan Jordan, your first TV high join your first, TV. Or movie. Crush please Beckoned Bill yeah I can see that in what still. Very lovely. Woman Neither underworld or the movie Clegg That go. With underworld thank you Jordan right eight seven seven. Six zero two nine. Six nine. Six is the. Number oh yeah here's another one I forgot Embarrass. Yourself again Joe Lando from Dr Quinn medicine woman Adriana is here Adrian Oh I was five years old And. This, was like nineteen seventy six A, major crash on James Tiberius Kirk well you are trek reruns Many women he, was William Shatner Tuffy Shatner is, his, friends, called him in Canada He was. A pretty at chatter. In his prime he was a good looking guy He was. So handsome little five year old My mom played with tenant I would be happy Acting with my whatever Thank you We'll see let's, see now Tom Selleck. Magnum, PI yeah Mark Paul gos-, ler saved by the. Bell I. Don't know if. Accounts but jasmine from. Aladdin Slater saved by the bell Melissa Joan. Hart from Sabrina. Yeah a lot of people don't judge. Me Lindsay Lohan and the, Olsen twins we'll judge Yeltsin twins. That's bad Newton. John, o. Erik Estrada. Yeah I? Like, Derek astrology really yeah really because my wife texted in Erik Estrada and I went really was. Brown and beautiful. Teeth her excuse. Was it was Korea we hardly. Had any TV, shows don't. Crush shame Don't defend yourself through excellent choice is great the to Gina just. Has so many. Celebrity I can't. I can't decide let's see let's. Go to Marty Hey. How's it going good Stacy, Ferguson from kids? Incorporated Recall that when I remember the show kids company Stacy Ferguson cheese from Yeah yeah that's what she turned. It into a tank Juniors younger than her. But. Only, how thank you thanks let's go to Miguel Hi guys there are lots of. Cute girls. But. The first one. That made me feel like a crush crush Brooke Burke yes on. The network she. Had, a show, called wild on. Sneak downstairs, to, watch. That it was great yeah she's very very attractive, woman thank you. Miguel Miguel. Let's. Go to Pete's Pete Hey hey It was, Jonathan, Taylor, Thomas Thank. You Yeah yeah On the show is now here's the, q. one Jonathan, Taylor tone not. So much what was it? Home, improvement. Yeah All right thank? You All right Pete's. Let's go. To Nita hi Nita. It's how. You doing Who's your. Crush well, I'm, embarrassed to say Ricky. Schroder yeah. You should be embarrassed Carey. You, ask me specifically to call and. I, finally got a chance Good Ricky Schroder was when he became Rick Schroder he. Did he was. Scary I thought he grew up to be a fairly, handsome young, man He didn't seem that cute when he was a kid, to me No he locked it once I hit about fifteen And he's? Become, a right wing. Ass go how's it going Cameron All, right. Thanks Miss Julie. From romper. Room Upper bumper stopper Billy and what are you doing Billy and I'm getting a lot of Catherine Bach from dukes of hazzard Let's see wonder woman I got a lot of Linda Carter in here Kirstie alley from cheers Sure yeah For for for a brief, moment there I suppose I. Liked her I thought founder attractive during her fat. Actress. Period Chanelle is here Hello Chanel good morning Hello. I had. A. Huge press on Legua oh yeah. Yeah, a lot. Of, people. It is no Linda blue oh see I had a crush on. Vigo Vigo because is because he didn't he looks. Like he? Doesn't watch Looks. Like a man because you know if. You're a. Man. You don't wash your Mandra out. Doing, man thing. And, then. When the woman gets close to you she goes what is that. How you smell like a man Getting a lot of Lonnie Anderson from w Rb, for some, reason listen Milan? Of who's the boss Bailey quarters Jan Smithers transmitters were sexy let's see let's. Go, to this Antonio Hello Antonio, she married The? Music. Producer hi From, supernatural yeah okay yeah. That's, a. Good one thanks. Thanks Let's, see David Bowie from. Labyrinth. Okay Okay Joyce That's not a great picture of a Doc pants on She looks she's she's. Sort of scowling you were hoping for match game X nine. Six dot com slash live. And that's what's her name from Jaclyn Smith Jacqueline Smith And nobody said. Any of Charlie's angels Erica stratas back writer probably We just got a. Faira faucet we just there There you go Nagin. From, Walking Dead, he's you, know and again he looks as though Morgan Oh yeah He doesn't smell. Very good Jennifer Connelly. From, labyrinth Yeah those. Eyebrows, were those were a deal breaker. For me actually Dick Van, Dyke and Mary Poppins Okay Addict ducks come into. Fan Actually there's quite a few of these that have been mentioned that, have, are, coming or came oh here. Cheryl Ladd the cutest, angel Cheryl Ladd. One says I would agree. Amelio Estevez from young guns It's an interesting Bailey. Court Jan Smithers I, think she was. Married to a Quincy Jones I think so Taking leg Rashida, Jones mom, but no but but Jan Smithers was married to some. Wellness, me look nobody knows who snow Regina do the traffic first and then you, can look we'll find it off air because nobody knows this only, you. Care Jay she's married to James there Yeah no it was somebody else I'll, find crash I fifteen southbound Beck street north Salt Lake the. Cars are blocking both shoulder slowing traffic down back in toward woods cross eastbound I eighty just before the two zero one. Freeway split at mills junction Utah highway patrol is funneling traffic to the right shoulder and it's. Backed, up on SR thirty. Six reggae rise up music festival, returns August twenty four.

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