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Problems. I'm Jake relates Talk radio 77 w A B C one of the pre fight hype issues. Woz Mike Tyson was he 54 55 hadn't been in the ring and 20 years. Claimed he lost £100 and wanted to get into the ring against Roy Jones Jr. £100 On. I think he said he was taken snake venom. It sounds like a snake oil salesman. Now look, there are a lot of diet programs out there in which they promise you everything and they deliver you bots. Cobby Cobby Shay, you can teach Listen up. You got to get rid of that fat on Iraq. If you will be, she, D. C. Says 40% of Americans are that would have put my Mike Tyson in that category a few months ago, if, in fact he was £100 more Or the 30% of you who are overweight. That's a total of 70% of Americans who were either obese or overweight and a very delectable to coronavirus. Coronavirus loves those who are overweight, more than anyone else and is on the hunt for you in tandem this time with the flu virus, which will hit you simultaneously at the end of Paul. In order to avoid that double trouble. You've got to get the fat off your back and you have to do it safely, not the mike Tyson way, whatever way he claims she did with doctor's supervision. And that's why NJ diet Doc comments and the ready, look, he give a call to their doctor said 8555 and Jay died at 8555 and Jay died and I'll tell you How you can lose weight by going to the clinics in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut. They've been open all through the pandemic. Or you could do it to New Jack Way, which is the video.

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