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The glass enclosed nerve center. 8 11 here in and around El County Police chief Tim Altomare e announced that he is retiring happened yesterday in a letter he says he can't endorse a future in which police officers rights are stripped away, and officers are treated like criminals. And he warns that the current movement to as he calls it removed, the teeth of police will lead to violence from which there's no return. Tomorrow, has been with the department for 20 years serving his chief since 2014. Alta marries retirement comes after a node insane man filed a lawsuit alleging officers held him down with a knee on his neck. Well now, Anna Randall County leaders say they're changing policies, and Randall County executive Stuart Pittman says the community is upset to see a photograph of their police officers. It harkens back to George Floyd's killing. It's clearly not the kind of policing that we train and it's not the kind of policing that I believe that we were doing. Daniel Darryl's attorney, Nicholas Bernard, says his client is filing a civil rights lawsuit against the county and three police officers after Daryl's was pulled over arrested and put in a chokehold in February of 2019. The suit says the county's use of force policies quote silent as to neck restraints or strikes. Pittman wants public input to the policy change in a town hall tonight. Meghan Cloherty w GOP News A union president has pleaded guilty to embezzlement. 62 year old Sandra King of Owings Mills led to unions for private security guards in the D. C region. Well, she admitted to using $50,000 of union funds to pay her rent into buy liquor in the purchase items at Wal Mart Target an Amazon King faces five years in prison when she sentenced in October. She'll also have to repay those missing funds. State of Maryland is on the hook for $27,000 in legal fees to a national conservative organization that sued the state three years ago over voter registration rolls. Marilyn Matters, reports Judicial Watch sued Maryland in 2017 to obtain voter data alleging that there are more registered voters in Montgomery County, then citizens over the age of 18 who were eligible to vote. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says his group wanted to ensure Maryland and Montgomery County removed voters who have moved or died long ago. The Maryland Board of Public Works is voting today to confirm the $27,000 settlement. To judicial watch, well, elegant city, Maryland is preparing to celebrate its 250th anniversary. Howard County is shoring up a 20 year plan for that city's future. The Ellicott City watershed Master plan Folks are asked to weigh in on comes from years of research in 2016. The department hired a professional facilitator and collected over 300 ideas or projects with Howard County Planning and zoning Kate Bollinger. We feel we achieved our goal of creating a comprehensive community Traven division for Ellicott City. Topics include things such as environmental sustainability, economic development, flood mitigation, parking and transportation. Check it out at w t o p dot com Searched plan. Christy came w T O P News Burial Services are today for D C police officer Keith Williams. He was one of the first D C officers to test positive for the Corona virus in the spring. Williams joined the force in 1989 and spent much of his 31 years on the force mentoring students as a school resource officer. He was hospitalized in March with Kobe 19 and died in early June. Williams was 53 years old Georgetown University is offering tuition breaks too many undergrads this fall. Now, those who are not invited to live on campus will receive a 10% cut intuition totals about $2800. Undergrads who returned to campus will have access to services that will be unavailable to students who live away different school. Georgetown, like many other universities, has scaled back on campus housing amid the novel Corona virus pandemic up ahead a state of crashes on the Beltway. Overnight. It's 8 15 sports at 15 and 45. Powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. And here's Dave Johnson just one more day and the basically baseball season is here. A season like no other with no fans of the stands so between the years might be just a cz. Important is between the lines for players like the Nationals, Patrick Corbin as they deal with a lack of atmosphere We love when it's a packed stadium, and our fans are out there screaming like crazy. I mean, we think every athlete thrives on that, and it's going to be something that Missed in every sport. What's going to separate some teams who can found sad and go out there and be ableto still execute their pitches? Do things that they would do on any normal games of the new normal for now. Patrick Corbin final exhibition game worked five innings, allowed two runs a rain shortened six forward over the Orioles. Now the Yankees on Thursday and no fans of the stands for the MBA and for wizard, said coach Scott Brooks. Communication with officials with from the players and the coaches. That's going to be interesting. I I'm gonna do my best. Our players were pretty good couple years ago, I would have been pretty worried last season. Yes, I would've been worried this season. Not so bad. Got some pretty calm, Cool guys. T be my show a little bit emotion. Too much TV topless. Brian plays with such passion Wizards of Nuggets preseason this afternoon at 3 15 coverage on 1500 A m. And at the valises back to D C and that it is out after what? Nothing lost the Montreal last night they had ties and their two previous games. Dave Johnson over you till B sports. Up ahead here. A body has been found in the Potomac River. It's 8 17 America.

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