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Stars. Wow. All right. Well, I don't feel bad having to follow that. 'cause I, I don't say people bring shit on stuff, but what did you bring for us. Well, I first of all, I feel like the most powerful casting director nineteen eighty nine. I'm looking at it Brian on linen and Howard create I, would you guys be for the same part? I don't know. Not. I feel like we're putting together the team. Yeah, I feel like I'm the guy who didn't want for like the other guy. The main guys friend. Right. Okay. Howard is the guy you didn't want for the main guys. The guy that kills the other. Yeah, he definitely has someone. He's a full-blown danger, danger, stranger danger. Well, speaking of stranger danger, I only brought to items. Okay, I'm standing. Okay. I brought my little pony friendship is magic. Dash also. Which is kind of exciting. But these two gentlemen are wonderful. And then I brought a doll, I brought the wonder woman DC superhero girl at it has a student ID card. It's like really kind of very. But she's killing it and, and that's what I brought for you go hang onto though. You will never walk out of here live with. Yeah, she looks good. She's got the LASSO of truth, which I love the most recent movie where there's all the women live together in peace, but they still what a man shows up. They have the LASSO truth. They invented thing. They didn't need just so in case thing they never heard of because they were like, what is this a man? What's a man, right? And then they throw the LASSO truth on right away. Finally, this thing came in handy. So I watched that movie and I immediately thought, man, if there was an an island that someone could send me to where Amazon's shoot EROs, and then hit me with whips and stuff, it'd be a great workout. Yeah. How. Right? So foxy in that pay me watching her fight and she was so bad ass. That's crazy. It was crazy, but I wanna go to fat far. Land one day I land like we've never been a man. Now we're gonna shoot arrows at you until you're dead. Can I say we showed me I didn't what's happening right now. So we both sometimes take Ambien and then don't go to bed like fight it and what you can do that you can actually fight it. Yeah. So I'll do without the use of like an upper just like, no. And Kim Jane. I, I ate the entire minibar I woke up and it was all gone. But you about the farm. This guy's ripped tee-shirt made picture chickeny mpn. That was a bad idea. I started a war accidentally with the premier of Quebec. Let's move on. Hotel rooms had like the TV was in the mirror at had that premier of Quebec was like on his dick. Photo. Out and tweeted it out. I was fully dripping on Ambien. Anyway. So those those ladies were to out well. God bless Doug. What are we doing? Don't have the Canada, apparently. But I've been there. In Canada. I watch you on Twitter every year in Canada. Like I I go the. go mad at once. What did you do? What you say? He said they were rude. No, they're not. What did you do? I don't wanna get into right now. It's in my Wikipedia. If you wanna check it out. Wait, wait, can't Can't you. you know the prime minister at that time. That is. I did because it seemed like the easiest thing to do. Canada. I wasn't trying to make a man. It was. It was Justin Trudeau because I'm on his nose. This this happened years. If it's you versus Trudeau on fully Trudeau. Even though you and I have been friends for a long time. You know, I don't know if fully Trudeau, but I'm mostly because marijuana's going to be legal throughout all of Canada on October. Seventeen. All right. So that's for another show that I do. We gotta talk to him about what he brought. Yeah. Well, this is actually this replacement gift. This is true. I was a child actor and I printed out a beautiful glossy headshot of when I was a seven year old. I was on Sesame Street, but you guys now and. I earlier today I left it in an Uber. Yeah. What a. Was somebody is having a very creepy rise from the valley here. I called the driver. He didn't answer. So both of hands were busy..

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