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There's lars steimer i tried branding brit took my name on instagram mining these two he has it used in five years what i can't seem to get this stupid username back so steimer almost everywhere except for instagram where i'm case timer and i'm at andrew ervin a almost everywhere on instagram i'm andrew rene underscore at the end lent out i will also be at san diego comecon so you listening to this on friday morning if you're in san diego listening to this be on your way to san diego i am honoured to be hosting the life is strange before the storm panel with square eunuchs 630 pm on a friday july twenty and the the details on that will be on my twitter you could also give it up on the comecon website i'll also be doing a guest appearance on the marvel gaming show more details on that soon uh but if you go are around and you wanna say hi all um try to stop i'll be floating around the con hit me up on twitter let me know at andrea rene and again be on the lookout we have packs west plans in the works it's going to be very exciting of so that's it for this thing hampering.

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