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I'm talking about good buddy Jim Griffin can you talk about the Griffin way what exactly is the Griffin way it's not just on the car it's not just given them a good deal that's the easy part it's giving them a whole experience the buying process where it's fun the service experience the wow factor I want people to walk away after they bought a car and go wow that was the greatest experience I've ever had I want them to go into the service department go how they fix my car and they cleaned it and they got it done real quick not just them same more they took care of me I want them to walk away and say wow that was great how important is it that people leave and feel really good about the experience they've had well when they feel real good they're gonna tell other people if you drop the ball they're gonna tell twice as many people you have to take care of that customer is it Griffin Ford Waukesha Griffin Chevy in Griffin help Milwaukee Griffin Ford Lincoln fort Atkinson or Griffin Chrysler Dodge jeep ram in Jefferson eight twenty six Wisconsin's morning news handing things over to Steve spiffy good morning everybody I'm in a good mood to a slip solid than really ever happens it will get older you wake up you wouldn't solid things happen didn't move what our yeah I'm pretty sure my wife checked if I was breathing at some point just solid went and I went to bed later than I usually maybe that's the trick yeah yeah you have at this age you wake up you all of this will go away no one wahlburgers the second one I heard you guys talking about yeah I love their hamburgers you guys have been here when I was out with my knees and the chef the well worth it actually does the call yes someone who actually has it all Paul yeah I had my my show too cool yeah I discover their burgers I'm not a huge burger guy I don't like chase around the fast food places even some of the really good ones are well known but their burgers are good I think this will be a big deal this will be their second spot they've got one in Brookfield this'll be and all of Walker's point on Broadway yeah you love it I love burgers but it's like that like quintessential indulgence that just says this is not going to be good for my wife Sir tell me when I feel really guilty but I love a good hamburgers there's a perpetual battle between the big thick patties in the thin ones some of the big well known ones are the thin ones right right like cops and they have a big big song please yeah yeah I like the the thicker burger myself and I'm I'm like a medium rare guy though when you make it on the grill of you got it it's gonna be like a hockey puck that's right it's U. K. the middle in so it doesn't get all this it doesn't become like a softball yeah there's a technique to make a good burger on the grill you probably know this and maybe chain as well grilling is something you learn over time right when you're young we never going to to tell gates have that culture here's Donna stuff on you could care less how it looks at the end years can either or even the fine art of cooking the the charcoal into its grace who doesn't taste like creosote we don't wait for that now yeah Hey this is great using a railroad I love the lighter fluid yeah one final made use white yes all yeah it drop that match literally you could I'd be twenty feet away is a dead was some of the old I'm older from the old school neighborhood growing things and same thing they would the guy with whoever was would dump the gas in the ground as a matter of it all the kids would look more like what the heck just happened there and the dance if you like you can stun they'll be holding their you know glass beer bottles up sh let's so they're passable river water for one there wouldn't be a bird around for about two days hello is it in she what you would call it a fry out which took a different meeting in the seventies yeah well you know if you're cooking I wasn't you Hey let's go out and let's do a fry out really I never heard that before that's a Sheboygan thing like down by bring these it's funny have such strong memories of those days you know what the because that's when the neighbors got together what in nobody had a really good grill nobody put if you put two hundred dollars in your grill yeah affluent it was always those round metal ones lifted up halfway it would rust out by every October it was just a piece of crap the other thing about barbecuing everybody thinks of the best barbecue in the world I don't care who you are what family all my all my dad can make a pork chop to die for yeah everybody says that and even if you suck your family that is it's the David dad's cooking dinner so they this is the best burger I read even though it's still moving are now I'm hungry I don't need much for breakfast wahlburgers drop some burgers off I'm not sure shameless Pat Argo last to get to today I Tracy Johnson got Martin more Eric bill stand what more could you ask on a Tuesday for goodness sake it's eight thirty four WTMJ breaking news center came out now thank you Steve three separate shootings linked to dead one wounded last night in Milwaukee a thirty seven year old man died he was shot near twenty fourth place in Vienna just after nine PM a wounded eighteen year old man dropped off at Saint Joseph's hospital about nine thirty has since died of his injuries and a forty year old man separate of non life threatening wounds after he was shot near eight Essex lane no arrests have been made in any of those incidents president Donald trump's impeachment trial will unfold at the capitol today last evening Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell posing a condensed to day calendar for opening arguments the rules package one of the first orders of business when senators convene about mid day today the president's lawyers wanted swift acquittal Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer calls McConnell's plan and national disgrace the president is currently in Davos Switzerland fight tending a global leaders conference Wisconsin voters could legally take self please with their mark election ballots that's under a proposal up for approval in the state Senate supporters call the current band archaic especially in an era where voters are increasingly posting pictures of themselves with their ballots on social media on election clerks warned last year changing the lock and opened the door to undoing the secrecy of the ballot type of the WTMJ Drake in associates market update at the opening bell everything down the Dow down seventy six at twenty nine thousand to seventy one the nasdaq down twenty seven at ninety three sixty one the S. and P. is down ten at thirty three nineteen take a look at the roadways.

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