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I mean, this is a state that you should be winnable for a candidate like Mike Espy who by many indications is a moderate. So I think they're going to have a lot of trouble both of them because Mike Espy has kind of walked the middle of the road in this issue to he's not come out in attack her he's not come out and called her racist, despite the evidence supporting that theory, he's been very careful and his response and so two his she she's not come out and outright. Apologize. For her words. She apologize. If they spend it anybody, which is a huge difference. So I think they're both gonna have they're trying to walk a middle of the road. And I think some of that electorate is gonna want both of them the probably punch harder. Well, let's play what Mike Espy has done. In response is a campaign that the SP campaign released, and it's interesting the focus to your point to the point that you just made this is the focus of it. It's that she is Barrasso to the state of Mississippi, take a listen. How embarrassing Cindy Hyde Smith? Walmart's Hyde Smith's recent comments cleared do not reflect the values of our company now AT and T Union Pacific and other fortune five hundred companies company after company has rejected. Her divisive words, we've worked hard to overcome the stereotypes that hurt our economy and cost us jobs for words should not reflect Mississippi's values either Cindy, Hyde Smith, so embarrassing. She'd be a disaster for Mississippi. Mike Espy and approve. This message EJ I want to go to you on this. Because in one of your great book that you wrote the you you talk about the Barry Goldwater moment, and how definitive that was for Republicans in the sense that it defined them for African Americans and really sent African Americans fleeing from the party, but it also sort of taught the party the limits of how far you could go on issues of race that just coming down dead set against the Civil Rights Act was a disaster. Electorally Republicans at least at that time. Now, you have Cindy Hyde. Smith two point she's following races in Georgia and Florida where racist dog whistle worked like, they were helpful. So I wonder if the if the Republican party takes away from this mid-term election cycle. But yes, there are suburban women who now don't want anything to do with their party. But then in a sense in the in the least in these parts of the south. You can win this way. I'm afraid. That's exactly right. I mean, if you. Look at the goal. Water race, Mississippi swum hardest to the Republicans go or one overwhelmingly of because he opposed the Civil Rights Act. Remember back then it was before the Voting Rights Act. So it was a white electorate. I would love to say that Mike Espy could win this race. And to say look at what happened with Doug Jones. And maybe he can pull off something like that. The problem is Mississippi voting is more racially polarized meaning white people in Mississippi or more verse devoting democratic than almost anywhere else in twenty twelve. Barack Obama got thirty nine percent of the white vote nationwide. He got fifteen percent of the white vote. Now Obama he only got ten percent in Mississippi. So he has a big hill to climb. And I think it's true that for some voters Cindy Hyde Smith doubling down if you will on where she stands on race is going to help her when possible path for Mike s. B is younger voters in the Doug Jones race three fifths of the voters under forty five voted for Doug Jones. If there were you turn out of young people African American white, Mike Espy might have a chance, but I worried that the same old is not even a dog whistle anymore. The Bullhorn may work again in Mississippi, and we know Michelle Bernard in that Doug Jones Raith against judge Moore Moore still that sixty six percent of the votes of white women. And this is the fact that he was accused of allegedly being a predator who preyed on young girls. Right. Didn't stop two thirds of white women voters from voting for him. But to go on and the claims were absolutely credible. At that, an Mississippi Cindy, Hyde Smith has not been accused of sexual impropriety, which I would imagine most Mississippi voters might find that more more alarming rather than being equally alarming as being an out..

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