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Thousand game since i left that's my hyperbole let you know how bad they've been so tonight asia watch that game my pick of the night is going to be new york minus four utah is gonna play in new york and i feel like this one those times when a mine makers is conscious through the line together they just made it because you can only make you can only make so many winds right like when it comes to football minds they have like a whole week there's have a whole week to make those then only make him anymore like they come from they come from overseas in the cuts and a computer generates and thus topsecret unanimous bolsano that so is new york knicks minusfour the new york knicks haven't played since he took that elder cleveland utah just loss rudy gobert and again basketball lines in our thought through as well as football months bonds have a whole week they have a computer they got this little scientists walk in the room and he has a or he has a really really old he has a really all calculator and he's weren't a green visor and is in a room full of smoke if pushing a whole bunch of buttons and it makes the limelight that may put that in the computer the computer talks about is that we're computer from jeopardy you know the one in those are the answers at that gives names watson that computer that after that they send you the line then vegas makes all this money nfl as a whole bunch tom ado that meanwhile basketball trailer pump these lines i like that they don't have time so because root of rudy gobert went went down because the jazz are overlook i'll think every will really knows the knicks are quite rawiya yes almost had an extra raw because they're not terrible raw means mt not terrible when the team is epic or standing are great i will say epic astounding or great but for now i'm going to leave it at their rock so.

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