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Down roads families waiting in the heat in tallahassee have you been vaccinated but just two blocks away at the local vaccination site a slow trickle nationwide still more than one hundred million americans yet to get a shot dr anthony. She now saying he expects the fda to give full approval to the pfizer vaccine. It just a few weeks telling usa today that he anticipates a flood of vaccine mandates when that happens. We know that we can curb this in three to four weeks if everybody does what needs to be done in order to curb the virus but for now hospitals in texas are overwhelmed. All five houston. Pediatric wards are full eleven month old. Eva ramirez covert positive had to be airlifted to a hospital. A hundred fifty miles away jeep arrived at a hospital in houston where because of her condition. They needed it but her on a breathing machine and concerns only mounting seven. Hundred thousand bikers expected in south dakota this weekend for the annual sturgis motorcycle rally despite widespread transmission at the same event last year and according to a document obtained by nbc news more than eighteen percent of migrant families on the border are testing positive before being deported the us now averaging nearly five hundred deaths a day officials desperately hoping these rising numbers will lead more people to get vaccinated rather know than not. No have you been to. I've been not been vaccinated. I have actually been against vaccine prior to this. But i'm actually considering it now. Because i do have small kids vaughn. Who did you see those testing sites today. We saw young people call students parents with school. Age children in the data reflects that in the last week in florida. More than half. The new cases are people under the age of forty jose von hillary in tallahassee florida. Thank you the criminal investigation and in new york governor. Andrew is ramping up the sheriff detail the case today for the first time while. One of the governor's accusers also spoke out for the first time. Kathy park is in albany tonight. New york governor. Andrew cuomo is laying low in albany at the executive mansion while less than a mile away. The county sheriff released new details on a criminal. Complaint filed by one of cuomo's accusers conduct with sexual in nature. I've read our record that we took from our victim and again i commend them on their bravery for coming forward and now it's time for us to begin our investigation adding a misdemeanor charge and arrest are possibilities but premature at this point the attorney general's office says it will turn over all evidence related to this complain it. The unnamed victim known as executive assistant number one in the agee's report has alleged cuomo reached under her blouse and groped her last year. She's breaking her silence of the albany times union. Telling them what he did to me was a crime. He broke the law. Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing and his legal team cast doubt on the findings documentary. Evidence does not support which she said. And what is disturbing to me. Is that the two. Investigators did not show that evidence to you. They ignored it. Ask them why. The office says they will make redacted transcripts from witnesses available to state lawmakers the legal and political fallout deepening for the governor as judiciary committee prepares to meet monday to discuss.

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