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This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking It's better at birkin Herbert bank at your service since 1852 Dave dildy and WTO traffic Not just storm team four and Brianna Berman solo Brianna here we go with the little bit of snow we're getting still hanging around right Sean that's right You know we're still seeing a little bit of snow to the north and to the west especially along the blue ridge mountains but even we've seen it as low of an elevation around 1800 to 2000 feet So this has been quite the unusual spring storm bringing winter conditions to our friends across some of the higher elevations Now in the district along I 95 and through northern Maryland we're seeing some very steady rainfall right now We'll continue to track that rain through the next several hours well into the later part of the evening commute and right around midnight That's when we should see an end or the showers should have already come to an end by then Early tomorrow morning we see clearing skies and we should see sunshine tomorrow afternoon It's going to be a cool and blustery day with breezy conditions When anywhere from about 30 to 35 mph but it will be sunny and high turning from the 50s tomorrow to the 60s on Wednesday plenty of sunshine a few clouds Thursday highs will be in the upper 60s by Thursday afternoon I took of the current temperatures with rain falling in woodbridge 43° Reagan national reporting 44° and Frederick 39° Thanks Brianna brought to you by new look home design Pay for half of your new roof later and the other half never more at new look home design dot com.

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