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Marcie Williams and John Jacob. Alpha Dogs. Defense will have its hands full with the Gators passing attack tomorrow or his best weapon is Kyle. Hits and no Bulldog knows him better than defensive back Marc Webb, who grew up with him and filling. I remember when you couldn't catch a cold and catching a thing. Come to now pitches the nation's top tied in a 6 FT. Six nightmare for Kirby. Smart is not like a textbook answer. This is how you stop him. You're not going to do that is to be called. Trask has thrown 18 touchdowns and four games tied for the SEC lead while you J. Wayne's third in the league and stopping the past our pre game starts at 11 30 tomorrow Cake all 3 30 here on the home of the Dogs and the WSB radio app. A black 95.5 ws Blakemore. Covert cases cause Mohr NFL teams to shutdown, the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans canceled practice and closed their facilities after players tested positive for Corona virus. The San Francisco 40 Niners in Denver Broncos shut down their facilities earlier in the week because of positive covert cases. CBS reporter Jim Chris Shula says the Colts also had a team member test positive. Yahoo Sports reports The Raiders have been fined a half million dollars and stripped of 1/6 round draft pick for what's being called brazen and Petered violations of covert protocols. Overall, the team has been slapped with more than a million dollars in covert related finds this season and Idaho man's band from Yellowstone National Park for two years after trying to cook a couple of chickens and its hot springs rangers called the unnamed Idaho Falls native with two whole hands in a burlap sack and cooking pots near Licious. Shoni Guys airbase in reporter Mark Mayfield says the man was issued a $1200 fine. The park has strict rules against putting anything in its hot springs. Death count from Hurricane ADA surges to more than 70 in Central America. The Category four storm triggered flooding and mudslides this week across Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama and ate his remnants are not done yet. It could re form into a tropical storm later today as it heads north. Forecasters warn of heavy rain in Florida early into next week WSB news time. 7 55 keep it away from Jacksonville tomorrow. Coming up in Atlanta's one use West. Moss is breaking down Wall Street reaction to the election so far, But first, here's WSB consumer expert Clark Howard. Welcome, Tio bargain season for Christmas. Normally.

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