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Coverage of westworld season three. The season three premiere dropped earlier. This week Joe Garfield and I already have our recap up on post show recaps but this season bringing special guests as we can on rolling basis to go through your feedback to talk about the show theorize. Talk about nonsense. Sure much nonsense to be discussed here in this space and to that end it gives me great joy to bring in my first nonsense partner. Somebody who I have not talked to on an official podcast microphone since longtime ago in a jungle very far away but a man who is who knows a thing or two about the technology at the heart of Westworld. It is the great robotics expert himself. A full-on David the great professor Christian. Who Vicki thanks? Josh is great to be did. I don't do the interest as well as robbed us. Oh you don't have the Stinger with with the bell. You don't want this to one but it's a wonderful thing you need your one thing. I WANNA wombat sounds like there's I don't think that's what it sounds like. It's possible it is. You can always that could be your Stinger. I guess I'm not sure how that will go over in the long run but a few times of real areas we'll see we'll see if we can come up with. Oh let's crowd source of wombat noise. If anybody has a good suggestion for wombat noise we can Have that bewigged. Lers BELL IS. The is the sound of a wombat. Christian of course if you are not a survivor. Fan Christian played on survivor you spectacular and survivor. He's a great friend of mine and it really is actually pretty crazy to me. Christian never would have guessed this. That are first time podcasting together after I went out on a westworld. Podcast I feel like this is probably just going to Mutate into a grant. Excuse to talk about survivor. We'll see where it goes will. I'm sure we'll find some topics but yet the IT seemed. I'm glad you reached out to me about this Josh. 'cause you know is my my. I am a professor and I and my research is in the. Isn't robotics particularly robots that they get up walk around two legs so like so. I know a lot of people watch westworld and have questions about it. And so when you said you went to a feedback episode about like. Oh it's the perfect you know. Ask questions about Westworld. The robot The robotics technology is involved. And you know we. We can talk through it. It'll be fun. How're you doing Christian state of the world very a lot happening right now? I'm sure everyone would love to know just to check on you and make sure that everything's going okay so I am fine here. I'm actually down in Tallahassee. Florida mean emily. We'RE WE'RE PRETTY. Well sheltered in an isolated so basically emily emily something. We look at at on the island as well and we're fine and in terms of my class load. All professors are having to learn how to online thankfully though for me. I don't have any teaching road this term. So as a result I can focus on my research and a lot of that I can do from home. Which is nice although robots artistic I'm getting a little lonely in the lab right now. I think about it You know so. Maybe they could use some you know. They're they're getting some mandatory social distancing themselves so I'm sure they're going in and checking in on them making sure that they they've got occasional companionship or they they're having a tough it out like the rest of us. I went into this past weekend. Gave a little tour checked in our robot. Cassie it's kind of an ostrich looking robot and it's kind of sitting there. I stretched his legs a bit just to show it off. But you know it's it's it's it's doing okay so far and I'll keep cokie going in to check on it at least once a week. So who wins in a fight Casio Dolores? This is not a question we receive but it's a question that I have. I believe door. Lord's has a gun so I think that's a big advantage and she. Basically unstoppable it. Looks like we talk about the episode so we're whereas casino cash. He's pretty good at walking around it. Could you know? It doesn't need to see obstacles as it walks on them and can kinda recover which is which is cool but you know I think I think work doors could just shoot it so I gotta give the damage to add. Dolores I feel like we were talking about westworld on the island when you and I met in Fiji ahead of David Versus Goliath. I cannot remember the context but I absolutely remember. I think I was trying to map. What is like to work in robotics onto what it must be like to live in the world where Westworld is a thing because I'm dumb and thought it would be Shuki and maybe that would yield a fun sound bite feel like it probably did but at the same time I? I think that you're a great person to talk to you about all of this stuff because Joan and Lisa joy who make the show really pride themselves on doing their research and grounding this in some level of reality the technology that they are leaning on they're trying to work with experts in the field and look towards the future and what may or may not be possible while still maintaining that line of having an entertaining fantasy story basically from your perspective professor. How how does this all hold up as Westworld just like schlocky? Entertainment are there. Are there slivers of ideas in here that that really resonate with you Give us just the the lay of the land. So I'm glad you gave me that little piece of context in terms of the showrunner 'cause I purposely tried not to read what the show runners we're talking about so I could come in with like fresh opinions on that and in the research shows I am overall. My overall impression of the show is that they did their homework. And what they're showing. The show are reasonable science fiction the interpretations of things that happening today from everything from the From kind of centralize AI. That rehoboth him from this most recent episode. I thought that was interesting. I'm sure we'll talk about but like when I when I when I peel back a little bit robotics that they talk about Mike. Yeah no that's for. The most part is quite reasonable. It's not crazy and it. So I'm over all very impressed with the way they manage to make a futuristic SCI FI show about robots. Try and take over the world in something feel very grounded There are little things I think they are interesting touches that I can point out over the course of the podcast interesting or bad. There's lots of good interesting ones there. Also some some things that people that wouldn't that make sense they would get cut from the show is. You're making a sci fi show that are real problems with robots that are difficult to get over that they that they kind of become golfing away which is totally reasonable for a show like this but yeah so. I I guess I just worked. Start here I guess we have. We do have the The westworld robots overall westworld robots overall. Yeah I mean are we are we. I guess like so so this takes place in. We finally got a date on the board I think. Hbo Is Openly Saying Twenty. Fifty eight is when the show is taking place right. Now the premier takes place. I think that you could do the math when Bernard says when when is the last time you had contact with doors. Abernathy and ninety something days says about ninety days since they escaped the park so twenty fifty eight and thirty years past the point that they have started Thirty four years past the point that they have started doing the original stages of Dolores in the first run of hosts like back in like the Arnold era before all the fit hits the Shan in that regard are we does that mean what were years away is a twenty four is when is when Arnold is is building like the Deloitte mechanical the Lawrence in suicide. We're not there. We're not there that I'd say that's the one I mean I. I want to lead with a lot of praise generally for the show because they do a lot of things right but I have to point out like Warri. It'd be one thing to have four years from a robot that is reasonably practical in walking around But like the big macguffin for me towards the robotics One of you is that thinking it to be so human like and like like in so accurate. Like if you looked at Even those early versions of Dolores I. I don't know if that's one of the earliest versions of the show of its twenty twenty four or not but like at so convincing that so real and people are working on like animatronic faces making the more real and they're making progress but he is so good at detecting fakeness in human in human faces. Particular human human behavior generally and even like a next gen video gaming like even like like a like the highest quality playstation. Four game that has like the best graphics that you've ever possibly seen even like their depictions of what human being looks like the uncanny valley like fatigue off. Whatever that is like. We're not all the way there And to replicate that even in in our grounded reality of feels like we've got. We've got a long way to go before we're able to do that right. That's I think that to me. That's the biggest conceit of the show. I one of the bigger concede to the technology to show. Is that not only? Did he manage to make a robot that can interact in reality into practical things but it's it's convincingly an unmistakably human-like in that's the that is the biggest thing and your uncanny valley is the key term there and you pointed out that's a point. I often bring up when I've taught other Obama's Josh about look in. Cgi You know even in that perfect where we have control over every pixel you know at the best looking CGI that people come up with is like ended pixel by Pixel when they make Robert Downey junior space look younger in captain in marvel films and so like the artists are kind of like who are aided by computer by computer technology. But they're also like individually smoothing frames sometimes. So that's where we're at in computers as opposed to reality so yeah but but I will say that like the idea of like someone like Arnold or a team like an Arnold And Ford back in the day like a people who have who have vision Really making some big advances in robotics on their own is not crazy robot a while lots of technologies really require massive teams to make research progress medical science being one of them. I think there's lots of There's lots of research of these take place in order to make big advances. Sometimes you just get someone some some some guy or Gal who comes with the Roy smart idea and can put it in a robot something they hadn't seen before For instance there's A. There's a gentleman in Japan. I don't know his name but his youtube handle is pretty popular. He makes these tiny little humanoid robots that are about the size of a foot tall oak and neat and and Joe Yeah Yeah a little bigger than a Gi Joe and it looked like a robot it looks almost the like the real steel robots that from Hugh Jackman movie and.

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