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Because what is also an arguable is that they have very very talented defensive roster. Yeah. I mean, they have foundational pieces on defense. Right. We talked a lot about Larry good Jobe mouse care podcast award. Joe Schober te demands Randall's been really good up and down the roster. You see guys you want in that organization for a while. And this third defensive Devia, which I mentioned we'll go down a little bit after last week. I think they've been a lot better pass defense than run defense. And you see a lot of issues with tackling, and they were talk-, Greg Williams, and his aggression con exposed by the chiefs and their screen game. But defense is not the problem with this team. It is offense in how it's been deployed. Baker Mayfield has just been brutalized over the last few weeks. Desmond Harrison the left after Joe Thomas retired there kind of at a panic situation left tackle, he's been a huge issue. They had Greg Robinson slide over. And that was a slight you might remember the former number two overall pick who was traded to Cleveland. So he said over, but it was a little bit better. But that's something that's going to have to be fixed. There was some promising stuff in the last game. You finally saw them using Nick Chubb after they traded away Carlos Hyde. And he looks really really good to me just breaking tackles all over the place. They're using the passing game as well. But. I think they're going to have to improve the receiver position joke who's been fine. But I can't imagine Brown's ham fans are thrilled watching what Josh Gordon's doing. Organizational and your point since we're talking. I mean, if we're gonna take time to celebrate the towns where you're right if I remember correctly, you really didn't love the Dinsdale war pick. But then award. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No, no, please. I've cut that L numerous. Catch before. Did you said catch sales feel that you take? I don't think you catch else. I take I take him. I catch them like septum. I subscribe to them they're maneuvers every time. The Panthers come up on this podcast me. I offered the caveat that I deserve all the ELLs in the world. But. We're not gonna talk about on this. But to be fair. No one could have -ticipant it that the oldest offense of coordinator in the league was going to somehow figure out how to to incorporate one of the more modern quarterbacks in the league into what it seems to be a pretty impressive office who it's like. The polls were in your favorite. Just didn't turn out right way. Rapid is on the offense. So what do you think Baker Mayfield needs, right? Because if we're going to say coaching, we're going to say the owner bringing to talk about losing, Gordon, and maybe not getting everything out of the run game and having issues offensive line. Like where do you focus your energies in terms of building around Mayfield? If you're the Cleveland Browns, I think obviously, it's with coaches and not just with a head coach. But it's with offense coordinator and quarterback coach. And I remember when we wrote that piece on Lamar Jackson, we spent a lot of time talking to people, including our very own Matt Hasselbeck about how young quarterbacks can grow. And and what's most important in the most important thing that he said is having a veteran in the room with you. And also having a good quarterback coach that can help you day to day with a small offense coordinator has to worry about entire offense. And obviously they should be tied closely with the quarterback and making sure they have played that they're comfortable with. But the. Minor gains that will turn out to be major results on the field will come from him working with a good quarterback coach. But I'll throw the question back to as. Do you think that baker's the guy? He got them their first win..

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