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I know about the kickoff and I know about punt returns. Those are dangerous. It is an inherently dangerous game. I KNOW WE WANNA keep extracting danger out of this. But I don't need a gimmick fourth in fifteen. How many onside kicks do you have plus putting marquee players back on the field for a play if we're worried about injuries so now? I'm going to put Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. They're going to be back on the field for a fourth and fifteen. Everybody knows you're passing and that means everybody is gearing up to come after the quarterback here. Then there's going to be penalties. Pass interference like it. Feels like we're SORTA just shifting this without granted. There's not going to be the fourth and fifteen and the onside kick without any run-up still exist here but we're going to tweak this eventually I don't know where we're going with this but will eventually tweak this and you start to look at what the NFL has done with certain things like instant replay instant replay was killed in one thousand nine hundred ninety one tested again. Five years later voted down in nineteen ninety-seven brought back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine now. We have coaches awarded. A third challenge scoring plays automatically reviewed delays caused by review steadily decreased. Here it's going to take a while and I think that this was aggressive on the part of the NFL. The Competition Committee to say. Hey let's change the onside kick. Let's do this okay. They already got stung by last year with the Review. Pass interference. I just think they're gun. Shy here it was not the right time to do this now. We might embrace these rules down the road but it wasn't the right time. I am not surprised. They didn't pass because of the timing aspect of this. Do I think that when they revisit this maybe two years down the road? Three years down the road. We could have a different outcome but those are just some of the numbers attached to this but they tabled both of these ideas here. Eight seven seven three. Dp show email address EP. Dan Patrick Dot Com. I saw where Matt Leflore. He's the packers head coach. He had a conference call and he's pushing back against the idea. The packers were looking for a replacement for Aaron Rodgers in the draft. Here is Matt. Leflore talking about the packers logic in.

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