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One one full. It's an antibody treatment and antibodies. All proteins are normally made in the human body to try and fight off viruses. It was actually found in an abode, the virus survivor survivor of a nineteen ninety-five Abell outbreak. In the Diaz e- eleven years later research has found these antibodies in this survive is blood. Say they took them and they try to see if they could. Protect animals. They tried them on primates to see if they had any effect. They found that giving a single shots of these antibodies protected the animals. So the now doing study in the United States in the hype, it will also protect humans. We don't know that yet, but because of the situation and the DRC the World Health Organization, the ethics community in the Diaz e have said, let's try this experimental treatment on five people who have the virus currently. And when might we expect it to be offered to people in a widescale. They will be looking very closely at how these five people d- because as of yet, they have no data on how effective is the early trial in the United States. The only started in may this year suggests that it is safe in humans, but we don't get no, if it has the same effect with really does protect people against the virus that they'll watch these five people. I hear from the w. h. o. that they're all full other similar treatments that are being considered too. And we will have to see what happens during this outbreak. And it appears that every about outbreak there as and this is the tenth in the dias, he gives a little bit more information that helps fight the next one. So we're talking about a treatment today. There is a vaccine as well as people all being offered the vaccine at the moment. The World Health Organization said today that lots of work workers have been given the vaccine that they are now trying to give it to the wider community because of the security concerns that the many armed groups. It is actually very difficult for them to get it to the people that need it. Now, the vaccine, the hype is that it will protect people from getting by this treatment that we're talking about the antibody. The hype is that people who will ready have it Beila if that given this treatment will boost their immune system and helped them fight off the virus. That was all global health correspondent Smeaton onto salt. Still to come in the podcast today I get angry and the question has to be asked these people, what the hell are you doing? Who do you think you all this week? Prime minister hit sounded gangs who torched more than a hundred. 'cause on Monday night. London, anti-terrorism police questioning a man, suspected of deliberately crashing into security barriers outside parliament on Tuesday morning, injuring cyclists and pedestrians. The suspect's Ford Fiesta call was driven from Birmingham in the English Midland's to London overnight. Before the attack. The British Prime Minister Theresa may call the incident shocking. The BBC's been told that the suspect wasn't known to the security services, but wolves to the police all-british affairs editor Machi Ston was in Westminster and witnessed. The rapid emergency response. Was about two hundred meters down this road. As the incident happened sore about Hoffa Gazan police raid drivers and motorcycles driving it speed up this road away from the incident. It appears that was pulled about a plan response to exactly this kind of emergency BBC clinic. Barry Williams soul. The Ford Fiesta driven by the suspect suddenly career of the early morning traffic ahead of commotion and turn around to see a a silver car, hitting the socks, the room, cetera. They were pumped by the lines to change. He hit the cyclist in swooped the tool to safety barriers and accelerate and hated it apart high-speed to police officers, protecting the palace of Westminster leftovers of the way moments before the costs smashed into a security barrier. Briefly lifting it off the ground. Jason Williams was walking by the time. I've seen him crashing into the high speed he's driving about, I'll say, at least fifty. Our the guy seemed very let focus. He wasn't. He wasn't planning to anything. He wasn't crying. He was show in three cyclists will huts among the woman who's being treated for serious, but not life threatening injuries, Skelton Diatta assistant Commissioner, Neil best. Sue said, the driver of the vehicle was arrested at the scene, but was refusing to cooperate with police..

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