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That one was just forgets as opposed to something being lazy used just unprofessional. Nobody thinks it's weird that he didn't forget both socks like that. He only forgotten one leg. I got all this stevie onset time. Hey there welcome into this whole Saturday edition your time. We look at me a rise there. Hey is that what I look like you. I Blake Steve Nicol Alejandro Moreno in Studio with me Sebastian we also had not in studio frankly behind where are beautiful. That's Beautiful Roy. I mean Switzerland guys. I'm in in a cabin at some friends place. So that's a quote by the way and that's a very very comfortable. It's a very comfortable. I think I'M GONNA sleep over here because it's nighttime right now so I'm GonNa skip very nice tree from the desert behind the friend that I am with a as a as a charity in Uganda. So he goes to freak out a lot so he brought a little bit of Montaigne and Africa which is a nice combination. I think See You were trying to make fun of it. There is charity behind. Thank you Charlie. We discussed neymars birthday party earlier this week on on the show. No it wasn't OK. Well Jewels who's there Frank or you jealous that you didn't get the invite like did two neymars birthday party. I am a little bit and I thought.

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