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And our coverage continues wall-to-wall Pete for Natale. Good morning. Good morning to you. Steve so exciting to be back here. Lot of great stories developing we call this, and I'll give credit to my friend and former colleague Matt bernird who who dubbed this day moving day. That's the that's the Gulf term for the cut. Exactly we've got moving day here at the NHA. And we've got a lot of stories. We've got a big leader who is a horse player who's very easy to root for and Robert Gilbert, we've got several players bidding to make history in terms of becoming the first two time NHCD winter we've got beloved veterans like Paul Sherman in the mix. There's a lot happening. We've got. Million dollar bonus in play to Rosen. The rookie exactly little red feather partner. There's a whole lot going on. And can't wait as we get going today to bring all the stuff to listeners in real time. Well, and Robert Gilbert already has padded his lead. There has not been a lot of major horses. I just actually sent out a little missive that showed the three horses the second race winner. Not about the nail at Akwa duct. Call me handsome at Tampa in their third eight any grand at fairgrounds in the first those three horses that actually had decent enough mutual returns. Combining the wind and place numbers. Fifteen fifty for the Akwa duct winter. Call me handsome. Brought back thirty forty combined and ain't Andy grand twenty forty everything else has been pretty pretty Muendane..

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