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You know thing about erica jane and when she she did my podcasts and she was just is a first season so i think with her she did she had pat the plus with her she had her hairdresser her makeup artist and the stylist that came to the podcast that wasn't detailed castro wasn't me felt but she was very nice you bring her husband no no one sees hasn't noone see the window that has been no but one thing i thought that was kinda interesting is that when i asked her about her marriage i said owen you got married when and she's like oh we got married someplace in beverly hills thing and i go big wedding ono just just one other couple and i go own your son and she goes no he was in his eighth now he was in school in new york and i said oh i remember thinking oh was he like mr been like fifteen and boarding school or something but then when i did the math of how many years they're me and i'm like no he was like five so i i always wondered why nobody has brought that up because i think that's kind of interesting if in fact the dad predominantly rate of obviously the relationship is great now i think he was raised by instead and then maybe she just visited all the time but it kinda wonder like why that was was it because as he live with her now dow he is the competence the obvious to have a great relationship and it worked out but i was like i thought oh someone's going to someone's going to bring that up in like somehow gotta be staying that dig into her which thanks for ring in that i don't think there's anything wrong with it show but i think it's kind of an interesting thing like if someone wants to challenge your i hear her well if i was erica what does it matter we have a great relationship now he's happy he's a cop whatever worked out worked out right and no one's going to criticize a dad that that doesn't live with his kid fulltime so why criticise a mom so icon last sorted an interesting sort of thing.

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