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Minnesota there are some things that changed when I was in Minnesota with the the pitching coaches there we we had. Some things we worked on and. It's able to translate and that's the and they're starting to you know Roland. Since I showed up here, NAT, from yes, Giancarlo, Stanton, went deep Greg. Burden RBI del over the Yankees still dropped another half game in the standings now nine and. A half games back as. A, Red Sox won both ends of a. Twin Bill from the Orioles five nothing in six four now series for Texas wraps up today CC's. Tabatha against Martine Perez pregame begins at twelve twenty five Marlins walked off on the Mets and eleven, four three thanks Brian holiday RBI double Corey Oswal continues to pitch though you'll have three runs over six, so good Command of my fastball in, and out Really. Good campaign going into the game over also pretty song NAT from SNL Frazier was the only offense with a three run double David Wright set to play five, innings at third base today for single a Saint Lucie. Is. Continue to work his way back Mets Catherine hasn't played a major league game since. May of twenty sixteen on the, scoreboard, the nationals, took, out the cubs four the, Braves four two pirates played the giants four zip Rockies as dodgers three to Phillies raise the Padres five one reds double the Diamondbacks six to three back in American League raise, down the Blue Jays three one twins four, Tigers, three Mariners LS the Astros three. Two two Indians at the, White Sox three, one as the seven nothing in Italy the cardinals lit up the, royals three Brooks cap, because your leader a twelve under. Two three rounds of the PGA championship Adam Scott is just to back Ricky Fowler three off. The pace Tiger Woods in. The mix he sits, at, minus eight Maryland is put coach DJ Durkan on paid administrative leave as they investigate allegations. Of harmful culture run, their football program, and in, the MLS the, rebels blanks Chicago.

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