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One eight two three three four don't miss the trading group show Sundays at five PM on K. T. R. eight seven forty AM learn how you can earn a full time income as a short term traders that's the trading group showed Sundays at five PM our question mine is eight eight eight six four six eighty seven eighty seven Ron Burgundy podcast from I heart radio was a massive mistake run should never have received a microphone or learned about the internet I don't know what a podcast is but here we are you know what I think we just trust the process posted by the world's most handsome flatter fairer the Ron Burgundy podcast has three seasons available to beans now note we did not fact check any of these episodes one well when everyone else does on holidays and sometimes I forget I'm not perfect the Ron Burgundy podcast tells you everything you need to know about love music camping and the bees I saw it I saw that thing to be nobody will be talking about it at the office but you'll know you'll know just you but lotus time discuss anything and I mean anything listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast on the I heart radio apps or wherever you listen to podcasts Hey it's that time again when listeners start.

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