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With claims of returns greater than seventy seven that the returns seventy six percent greater than the market over long periods of time whatever that means using superstars strategies how did they do between two thousand three and two thousand fifteen the superstar strategy or superstar sock suit huq easy for me today the aai stocks stock superstars report known as as as our between january one two thousand three and december thirty one two thousand fifteen according to mark hulbert and their own numbers less than eight point two percent per year and by the way hobart categorizes as a small company approach which means that volatile in a little dangerous how did that compare then to what most people call the market what is the market and it's not the sp 500 but that's what people call the sp 500 market so low compared that first over that same period two thousand three two thousand fifteen the standard poors 500 return eight point seven seven percent per year on average the as as our returned 8 points less than eight point two percent on average is that beating the market no now i believe tom believes we believe that the market is bigger than just the sp 500 we believe it's global we believe it's large and small and value in growth and emerging markets and small companies and tiny companies and all those companies we believe it consists of about ten to thirteen thousand stocks and how did the market perform.

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