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Arm be seen. There's a lot of very beautiful model harder. These dead smoking. The we i'm men stole money from it is. Yeah yes yes you're right. You're right so he was like okay. Gotta find some faces to go with these voices. So this is discovering palatis. And more at the time. Paul more vaughn were dancers living in a housing project in munich. They were pretty poor and we're often stealing food to survive. Wow very came along and offered each of them. Four thousand dollars to become the faces of the duo. Nilly right could definitely move out the projects up a show so he named the duo after the nickname of his girlfriend so his girlfriend was named mcmahon. Was millie bonilla and he was like. That's what i'm gonna call you all. I thought it had something to do with vanilla. But that's fine girlfriend's name was millie meal -joyed called. I'm me look. I fucked with it. It's still a great name so it wasn't new to the game. He had done the same thing with his one thousand nine hundred seventy s disco funk group. Boney m will. That's not a great name with the singer who was actually just a dancer by the way short for millie pony millie and he's just been making it work. He's like milli vanilli bony millie. So again. This is with someone who was also just a dancer who was lip synching own vocals. He was able to hang onto that secret for twenty five years shot very and it was a singer to this is really what this was all about. He was trying to get his vocals on the track. The picture of the sky. So yeah. Can we move photo of him. 'cause i wonder if he's he can't be high. Maybe that's exactly because back in the nineties like it was supposed to be like. I forget who wrote this tweet. They're like remembering the ninety s when we had all the posters of like the hot singers and actors on our walls like we were trying to solve a her own horny murder. And i was like yes. You have to be someone. We could cut out of a magazine and stick on a wall and beal so horny for right. Let me know if you find a picture of. Yeah i it right now so ferrying came back. After the song hit the charts in england and said he had to have two faces for the project. I was already paid twelve thousand dollars for seeing girl and listening waves. Just wait okay. And he said. Keep your mouth shut and you can do the whole album. I'm thinking that studio work for me. This is shocking. So he's already congregation. Favourite and google frank berry and you will understand why he threw so much work to find people who sing his songs. Come on i know. I feel bad. 'cause like we should have more people like you. Who like spongebob. deo caesar. We're like you seeing really well but like hideous. He's this guys are hideous. He's just a interesting looking character off on a positive either. But i mean he's not that he's ugly it's just play who normalized ugly people in music while we're we we've done. We're doing better than we did. In the ninety s the ninety s was like. He had to be like honey superstar. Gosh so shaw is basically saying well. I kept working for him because it was a check. And i needed some coins so and realized how popular the group vanilla was going to become. He would have realize the dancers accents would have been an issue. Palatis had a german accent and more von had a frenchaccent. We'll see. I don't know because like i think about people like craig david who like when he sings he was like why will you creeping 'round and then like like I'll see you pick a disobeys. Yeah like that. Yeah so. I don't think that's a big deal but linda in jodi the two original singers from earlier we'll also brought back in for more vocals so He was like all right. I'm not gonna worry about the fact that they don't have accents or they do have accents. I'm going to just bring in linden. Jody from more vocals and china's gonna come in the studio. He going record stuff They said there was really no plan. We were recording stuff. Real fast to get enough together for a four song. Ep for the american market and more von would come in and go down to the basement where the pool was and hang out for a couple of hours. They'd make appearances then to then go down to the basement but they never sang a note or went into the studio love that they showed up for appearances to record. There's plenty of footage of us. Going inside of your honor. I like you turn your attention to exhibit. My clients went in the studio and they came out hours later. Okay whether any tracks related down none of our business none of our business flash the dedication to having them come and then just like hang out somewhere. I mean like like i can't do a german accent. We all we often call to and cost the school diaz tho to the we swim so much. What in your congregation knows we speak. Yeah chevik i want to go. I am jomon again. Disturbance accents in front jackson's from the american perspective very similar right very easy to mix. It don't do any justice. We're so disrespectful in this country. And i love it. So they're basically pretending cost playing to be artists. I stand so lindsay said that they were kept a distance from the guy that they wouldn't get too close. The real singer was secretly brought in at night and he be changed to the studio late at night. Even after the other staff was gone so that no one would know he was the true voice. Hold up so this guy's coming in masked singer style like the visor over his space. Where all filing cabinet. He's like guys. What do i know you got a record deal you did. Were so excited to work with you here. Just behind this. Bush real quick and not make any noise is were so excited to have your german sony records. Yeah okay we're going to put this blanket over your head. Not all the rage. Michael jackson's doing it to kids. It's like a thing. Just put it on your head come inside the studio so yeah poor guy. Whoever was really singing these songs so they were doing all this shady shit which is very fun to me so looking suspect soon as the music video for girl you know it's true was global. Hit milli vanilli also had four other hit song. Blame it on the. How.

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