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Came back from fifteen down the tied at fifty nine last four points went to the mean green North Texas winds at sixty three fifty nine but low-tech it's a cover by the hook Texas State, seventy three seventy over Georgia Southern a push on that line there. Arkansas state a nice effort wire-to-wire at. You at ninety four eighty three in overtime, Wisconsin. Green Bay a win. Not a cover. The Phoenix be Youngstown state. Get the penguins ninety nine ninety three ninety six eighty six Utah wins in Tempe against Bobby early in. Arizona state surprised they're tending to have point dogs. They win it by ten seventy five sixty San Antonio over Utah at home a Wynonna covered there for the Roadrunners Georgia state Panthers. Take care of business against Texas Arlington, but do not cover the closing number six and a half when it by five sixty three fifty eight you oh, Mon wire-to-wire, takeout, Arkansas. Little Rock ninety seven eighty four Minnesota goes into Madison beach, Wisconsin fifty nine fifty two nine point dogs. They win it by seven Patino team never trailed in that game. Wire-to-wire? Good game by Minnesota, sixty four fifty six Arizona closes out Colorado barely covering that six and a half point number. They were up double digits pretty much the whole way and my game. I big game. San Francisco seventy six seventy two they knock off Saint Mary's by four they were laying as many as three closed at two and a half. But the dons lead back game wire-to-wire had the lead up to thirteen fifteen and. And they win it by four over Randy Bennett and the gal seventy six seventy two. Memphis leads Wichita Wichita state, fifty nine fifty ten minutes to go second half in Memphis, forty two twenty nine Santa Clara surprising, San Diego. Fifteen fifty eight to go up at Bronco Jim forty seven thirty eight USC leads cow fifteen fifty four to go at the Galen center tied at thirty one. Well, Amir amount and Pepperdine at the Firestone center Marymount trail that by double digits now have gotten even their UCLA ten nine out of the gate over Stanford four and a half minutes. And remember new coach Murray bardo making his debut tonight as the head coach for UCLA. Now, twelve ten Stanford and thirteen four BYU jumping on Pacific early on. That's good news for JD who has BYU on the money line as four minutes. Forty-seven seconds JD. You can listen to that game on eleven sixty KSL my buddy, Greg rebel calls that game. Add on board. I'll get to those games a little bit later. But right now, we're going to bring on a guy that deserves to be in the hall of fame. One of the best in the business, silver and black this guy bleed silver black talking about coach, Tom Flores, he has been on the show, and we talk. About coach Tom Flores being a semi-finalist. And we knew that the bigger news was gonna come early part of January came out today. And I got my alert on my phone. And what happens they give the names of the finalists for the hall of fame and scrolling down scroll down on him. Like, dang, man. I don't see coach florist gosh. Dang, it sucks. Last name on the list, baby. Coach Tom Flores was there is a finalist. One more step to go. Just like Jerry Kramer last year. We will push. We will push. We will make sure this guy gets what he deserves hall of fame canton. Coach, Tom Flores, Ken Thompson. It is great to have you back on sports X radio. Thanksgiving. Exciting day, really? The today. It was kind of a. I've never gotten this far. Get to the final days of the final count. It is exciting as the day went on after out. Three o'clock. Just kept getting more exciting for now. Shuts the thing, you know, they talk. Yeah. They talk about a phone. You know, the the kids all my phone's blowing up my phone coach, I could just imagine. 'cause I got the alert right away. And when I got the alert, it didn't say who was on the left, and then I'm scrolling telling you coach because I didn't know if it was alphabetical order something in the f is probably up there. And I'm like, I didn't see none of scrolling down. And gosh, dang, it this last name there on the list that I got on my sports alert. And I was like so I texted you right away. And I figured you know, what he's probably getting inundated with calls and tax and everything. And and coach I know there's a lot of folks raider nation, also Seattle, but pretty much anybody. That knows NFL football. That's been.

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