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And yet you don't wanna work with Astles life is too short for like diva nonsense and things like that. So, and it's it's why you know like. I love I love a lot of the people. I've worked with over the years for different reasons. But like Chris pot and Zoe and Dave Teesta palm. Karen? And Michael Rooker, you know. And several more. But that sort of main group of the guardians family. They really do feel like family to me. I I love them. And that's great. And I would I would go to battle with anyone of practice funny in this movies. He's so great. And he's funny. Anyway, I was big fan. Great dude years ago. But yeah, yeah. I mean, he's just so funny. And then in the adventures movie, some of the best stuff was was he and Robert Downey junior going out. Yeah. I know. I love that. Great. I love it and Bautista who knew you knew that guy was that fucking funny. Oh, man. It was one of the great joys for me is like 'cause I was there when Dave had his screen tests because I've worked with my brother for so long. He wanted my help with various things along the way. Right. And and so for a lot of actors screen tests. I I would read quill with the Drax 's more. An rocket with quills. Right. And so I got to see a lot of people addition and and Battista came in for a work session before before he had his green test. And he was like so nervous. And so quiet. Yeah. And I'm like, oh, man. This poor guy is just going to tank like he can't he's obviously this pressure is going to be too much for him. Right. And he's so good. He was so good. Oh, yeah. He's he's still that first movie in a lot of ways. He's so good. He's like great. And he and and he loves it. It's like it's like a perfect microcosm of the whole movie. Loves he loved the material. So so much yell, and like, I think he was so happy to to be able to play that role every day and like, and he was so grateful and so great to have around. And what is he like four or five hours of makeup of which he needs to keep his arms outstretched the whole time. Now, you know or stand during tons of it. Yeah. And like what what champion subtle? Sweet how how much he got your brothers back. Yes. That was great. He'll school to say. Yeah. I thought it was amazing. And I was not at all surprised to be honest. I hope Dave takes that as a compliment that like like, I've always known that. Davis is stand up of guys you'd ever want me. Like I could rely on that guy. He's trustworthy is anybody other reknown? That's great. Yeah..

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