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The opening day was your father says. I didn't even not not. They didn't invite him. But you know I just never had an expectation grew at the way he described that story. I'm not really doing it. Justice but but just demonstrated that this was something. My father really didn't just talk about again. Just talk about from strategic standpoint. But he had made this commitment so then when you get to the coaching situation You know Fifteen years later my father helped put the rule into in a in a practice and ends up getting named after him but what he really did was the next. Fifteen years is every time there was opening. You know he would talk to coaches general. Managers owners certainly. Didn't you only advocate for minorities? But he really make sure that they had had a good understanding of what candidates were available because one of the things that folks at as well. I'm not familiar. Who's available so he just spent this tremendous amount of time familiarising himself with these candidates and being able to speak on behalf so they would get interviews. They would get opportunities in you. See not only the rule named after him and we can talk about the challenges today that are there and they're there but but during his lifetime yet. A three hundred percent increase in the head coaches In terms of of head coaching hires. You had a an increase of forty percent out total. It's it's completely switzer. Forty percent of the coaches on the defensive side of the ball are African American the NFL twenty percent increase in Onfield officials and so wasn't just sort of the policy. It was this work that my father committed his life to to make sure that people were were Implementing this and and carrying out. Is Tony Dungy calls it? The spirit of the Rooney will. Yeah and I think you know what I was reading your book. I think the spirit almost goes back. There's there's a a a player that was a priest that used to talk to your grandfather that he father. Glasco talked to my desk and he was he. He became our parish priest and he invited my father to go to Selma Alabama. And my father didn't go on this marked back in the sixties and I talk about that as being a cadillac. You know. Sometimes you don't do something really sort of changes your mind and my father sort of says the moment sort of made him realize. Oh what I could do. Most for this issue of you know they call it immigration back then is with my yoke. Can I make a real commitment and he always wanted merit. He didn't want guys who weren't good enough. But can we make a commitment? You know to to to really integrating and giving folks an opportunity and Chuck Knoll and bill non. Were just such an important part. They believed in those same things with him. And then you get the story of Joe Gilliam and again talking a male talking to John. Stall talking to donny about the about the when chuck named Joe. Gilliam is the first starter. I quarterback start African American. Starting at fell. You Know Joe. Wasn't that successful. But what it meant to the rest of the players was. If I'm the best at my position.

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