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There is going to go toe. Don't make it sound like there's some There is some payoff here. Thank you. Thank you. Chance again. Shares would be in charge of the entire state. We got it, mate. I've been going tell anybody, which is not a very good cook. What the segment get me out of suits. We have nothing but chaos. Everyone. Orbital Davis, now chaos. Really? You can't you got a You have to go back to your roots as Faras party affiliation and would take a lot to tell you. What, you don't know what's going on around here? What's gonna happen tomorrow? I thought today was gonna be a slow day and talk radio and not much going on Lee Wrong again on the governor's impeached east. You've got to be kidding me. I guess you'll addresses tomorrow under the leadership of Jack Windsor or bring it up tomorrow. He's come like Hi Jacko and asked her stupid question. That's what Governor Dwight says to Jack Windsor going and he loves hearing for men because Jack deals with facts. You're gonna get impeached next. I don't know what to say. And how about the protest their riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Guy shot in the back, like seven times getting into his car, or, I guess drive off with. I guess his kids were in the car, according to media shot seven times in the back by Kenosha, officer Unbelievable How we're looking right now. Not good all over the place. Willie and Tom Brenna Hand my good friend Tom Brennaman about mantra as Harold calling Luca don chick racial epithets during a game And then two days later, hugs and Hugs him and says, I'm sorry. They're both say, Okay, let's move on. We'll he had he hit that shot last night from downtown Sparta about that that was like you at the park review before the three point line. Revenge is a super best served cold and Luca serve some cold revenge soup. It's pretty cool that you go through life just with one name. And like Luca, you're like Willy. It's It's been interred Luca Luca over Marty Marty. Like about Richard, Richard, Matt. Bangor, just bang her, too. Get me out of this protest erupted after police appear to shoot black man from behind, it wouldn't appear. I saw the video parents whatsoever that video's right there and the riots.

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