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Yeah, so maybe they view Charles as having that kind of potential anyways. We get back to the jets now at ten. So Garrett Wilson at ten. And, you know, there were some conversations. I think DJ, you talked about Garret Wilson, maybe going to them at four because they wanted to play makeup. So I put it. And so now you get him at ten, you got a guy to pair with more on the outside, they can throw it all over the yard. They're better up front. You're just a nice fit. To me, for them to come out with that daily double with what they got with sauce gardener and Garrett Wilson. The fun thing about it. All ones are going to be must see is going to be great at training camp, and you think about what that receiving core looked like a couple of years ago and look at what it looks like now. And again, now Corey Davis gets slotted differently. Now you look at him differently. He still got barrios. Yeah, you've got I've been told has been off the charts in the off season stuff. It's going to be fun. I think everybody's kind of forgotten. They go 5, they go 5 deep at wide out. And what they're doing to is they're baking in. Think about the tight ends, right? CJ uzama. They ended up getting record in this draft. They're going to have so many easy completions baked in. You talk about the Shanahan scheme all the time. You start the game, but you should start the game with 7, 8 completions, just off just a bubbles and quicks and boots. And just making it easy for Zach Wilson to so I think that's the plan there. All right, I'm up with Chris olave. So we go back to back Ohio State whiteouts, the saints move up for a lave. I had talked to a general manager, a Super Bowl in general manager, a couple of days before the draft that he was not buying this business with the saints not taking a quarterback. I said, everybody's told me they're not taking a quarterback. They think they're close. They want a couple of good players. And he goes, how in the world do you trade a future one in a future two and you're going to come away with a receiver and a tackle? He said, that just doesn't make any sense to me. And that's what they did. That's exactly what they did. They feel like they're close and they started to see that run on whiteouts and they were like, we're not sitting back here and letting this fall to us because it's not going to fall away. So they went up and got crystal lobby. And kristo lobby was together. I thought it was the perfect compliment to my certainly. Oh, they love them. And they love Ohio State. Nobody loves Ohio State. Last year. Von bell. The whole secretary used to be Ohio. Yeah, Marshawn Lattimore, a whole deal. Yeah. So anyways, what do you got next? All right, next up, I've got the Detroit Lions who made the biggest move up in the first round, moving up 20 picks, 32 to 12 trading with Washington to get the wide receiver out of Alabama, Jameson Williams. So third straight wide receiver with Columbus, Ohio connections there, which is kind of nice. Be honest, be honest. 'cause I was on the spot when this trade happened. Was there any part of your being that thought that was for James Williams? Not a chance. That happened. Not a single. I thought it was Jermaine Johnson.

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