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Is about four or five cops hanging around here, which is super atypical of this area. Neighbors in the building on the eleven hundred block of sixty didn't want to go on camera, but describe a tumultuous and unstable relationship. That's Keiko nines Christie Fajardo police say that faron has been booked on suspicion of attempted murder and other charges. He's being held on one million dollars bail avowals and oaks high school employees suffered injuries after an attack in the schools parking lot will activities director Lisa lease was reportedly trying to stop a boy from getting away after he stole money from concession stand. She stood in front of his cars. He tried to flee and instead of stopping he knocked her down and ran her over PT essay president, Paul Nathan. I'm sure Lisa. Acted out of impulse and to do the right thing, which is the type of person that Lisa is. So lease was rushed to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition with broken bones and hemorrhaging the district superintendent says they're heartbroken by the crime. In addition to being a familiar presence on the school's campus. So lease is also the mother of at least one student at the school police tracks the teenage driver down and arrested him near his home. He's facing a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon. Tim, Rondo KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio a car crashed into an LAPD station in San Pedro driver. Got by some exterior barriers and drove into the lobby of that station harbor area station, it smashes through the closed doors in it just comes to a stop right there at the front desk on author can be seen coming out into the lobby at that point, the driver attempted pulling out with police in pursuit, but cannot get away. That's kale's. Chris Holmstrom police say that the station is open using a temporary models a mobile substation to setup can to continue. Operations the cost of damages hasn't yet been determined. Police are investigating that incident. A stolen vehicle linked to a missing six month old Culver city Boyz been recovered, but no word on where that boy might be CBS twos. Lord Peres says his parents have been behind bars since last month, but they've been silent about his whereabouts police say the couple stole the PT cruiser in November from the apartments where they were living officers found it near slauson in Crenshaw an area.

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