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There. Christopher's been patiently waiting in San Jose tonight. Christopher, welcome to the program. I'm on the one on the shot clock, your pet, but first on, Rick, you know what? Thank God. Thank God. We have the eight second delay. I mean, we got rid of the turntable. We got rid of The overnight injury, but thank God we still have the late second way. Are you right? Because the Vir Yes, You are right. We lost the legend today. We lost the tail of a legend. They don Sutton when I was when I was growing up in the late seventies, we had the massive Dodger and forces. He had Hooten You had studied You had such left. You had Jury Royce and they they struck out. The entire National League to get to the two worlds, fanfare and steps against the Yankees and I, I have so many memories of watching him long TV. And then he was doing 30 years for the brazen All that and you know, when my one memory had I have regretted I had the first copy off insights sports, which had don sudden on the right, Vince Billy on left and full color. And that had to be a collector's item. And I let it slip through. My That was just that was such memorabilia. I bet you anything that copy has gotta be worth at least $500 right now. Now, probably Yeah, I remember that. Remember those days when you're talking about bird who'd and Jerry Royce and Don Sutton, who had that great froze? All right. He had that Frode going for a while there. But what a great what A great picture was 75 years old, and he won more than 300 games And as you mentioned playing for some other teams played for the Brewers and the A's and the Angels. Um, he we went 324. Overall, He was named to the All Star team four times he went on. Of course, if you paid attention went on to be a television and radio analysts as you mentioned for the Atlanta Braves. And inducted in the baseball Hall of Fame in 1998, and just like you, Um Christopher, I've just great memories of Don Sutton. And this is a sad day. We've lost a couple of great Dodgers with Tommy was sword. And Don Sutton and I On dime, Just sad to see it. Yeah, well, proud. I know you got a local law calls to go through. And I want to say, welcome back some guy. You passed the cove it and maybe get rid of all this stuff. See, I even said the right words. You did. She did Roll this. Thank you. Because I know how people feel sometimes. So I appreciate you keeping it above board. Christopher, I hope you'll call again. Thank you. All right, John. Hang in there, Rene. You as well. I promise. I'll get to you trying to get to you as quickly.

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