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Brothers cheap trick and the who are you and the vinyl I like records yes L. peas thank you very much but they actually sound warmer people say they do I don't get it the needle can get dirty the albums get dirty I don't know I think it's it it's just a romantic throwback I think so too it's a win for men to impress women like Hey come over look I never thought of it like yeah because that'll come back to us I hope not new jobs report out and it's good and the nuggets is scape with the windows stories about five minutes K. O. A. news time is seven thirty seven let's check traffic now with John Morrissey well we got some of the usual choke points going to forty I like that southbound three to five drive heavy out of Aurora starting at right around Park Road park roads got a lot of traffic on twenty two so those cherry creek dam road you're pretty heavy on the drive on I. seventy between I. twenty five and two to five so that was that hazy bright sun we had to deal with this morning but take heart type changes weekend will be in the dark seven o'clock you're starting Monday you drive this morning on southbound I. twenty five heavy dump retorted are going from eighty four down to I seventy six and then into and through downtown a pretty typical drive northbound I. twenty five heavy from Santa Fe up through the tech center had a short closure of us some of the lanes of westbound Colfax at low band right there at the the you that are a rather it an issue that has all been white wrapped up so you downtown drive looks pretty good this morning coming in from Lakewood pretty heavy traffic on the six that you starting at Sheraton you drive this morning to seventy I. seventy six all pretty heavy but boy it's not a lot of big problems there was a crash on the frontage road south of I. twenty five at meat that was causing some slowing this report is sponsored by the apple auto parts napa auto parts please every driver deserve quality parts that's what you could do it yourself for the napa auto parts store or have it done for you the napa auto care center either way that's napa know how X. a big ten minute song ko eight fifty AM ninety four one FM here's this week's legal news you can use with attorney Phil Harding named one of the top one hundred trial lawyers in Colorado eleven years in a row have you ever thought I've been injured in a car wreck should I hire an attorney I think you need to look at like.

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