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It's mattress firm's Fourth of July sale for a limited time. Save up to $500 on top rated mattress brands, like See Million. Sleepy's I'm Rita Kessler, w T o p Traffic and now the storm team forced Lauryn Ricketts low to mid nineties today with that heat index in the lower 100. Once again, we'll have a few thunderstorms popping up while West of D C will carry about a 30% chance of storms tomorrow, But tomorrow's can be even warmer. Mid to upper nineties Met Heat index in the lower 100 so again today tomorrow Definitely going to be hot and we'll have a chance for some thunderstorms on Wednesday, Make sure still staying hydrated Thursday Friday. We're expecting rain Thursday and Friday, but still muggy temperatures back in the eighties could have some rain on Saturday as well. Looks like humidity will drop by Sunday could have some rain chances on Sunday. I'm storming for meteorologist Moron rickets. Plenty of sunshine hot and humid 91 degrees right now in Northwest feels like it's 97 brought to you by mattress warehouse. Buy with confidence with a one year price guarantee. Only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. Well, this heat is no joke. It's so hot, the D C has declared a heat emergency and open cooling centers through Wednesday. For those who can't retreat to some air conditioning. Some are still getting outside. Like Joe, who was walking his Greyhound near Observatory Circle go in the morning and in the evenings and, uh, if you have it gets too hot, with stains, saying compared to last week when temperatures were staying in the seventies Heat indexes for much of this week will approach 100. Joe isn't surprised by the big shift. This is Washington in the summer, we can have very well Weather last week was wonderful. And you know the rest of the same was going to be hot until probably mid August in D, C and sweating Luke Luke er w t o P News. Well, Misery loves company, and we're not alone. The Pacific Northwest, not getting a break parts of Oregon and Seattle, Washington set high temperature records yesterday. The high heat is straining the power grid in the Pacific Northwest, and crews are also fighting wildfires across that region. For the first time ever. Seattle reached triple Did The temperatures Monday for a third day in a row. Everything sold out like today, we couldn't get any ice everything is completely gone. For days, A dome of stifling heat has parked itself over the Pacific Northwest, causing some restaurants to temporarily closed and roads to buckle. Tanker trucks in Seattle hosed down drawbridges. To try to keep the steel from expanding. That is. CBS correspondent Lilia Luciano. Seattle hit an all time high of 104 degrees on Sunday, Portland recorded to 115 degrees and Salem reached a whopping 117 degrees. Wow. Well, you know, keeping our furry friends cool is just as important during these high tempts, urgent care, veterinarian Dr Christine Clifton says. For the days when it's too hot pets should not be outside, she says. Even if that means walking your pets at dusk and dawn, it's a much much safer alternative. Then getting out into the heat and humidity. Another thing pet owners should not do is leave their pets and cars, Dr Clifton says. This matters even if the temperatures are in the seventies, even in the low to mid seventies, the temperature within cars because they are enclosed sort of areas can get upwards over 100, even a matter of 30 minutes, and when it comes to walking your pet on concrete or asphalt, Dr Clifton says, Test the surface with the palm of your hand. And if it's too.

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