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Yeah the world series you will see the dodgers the dodgers could go on the run that they should have gone on last year and they win the world the dodgers how we got ryan rizzo the fact that they got bellinger and see belgium here it's like the whole day they have these guys who are going to be like famous dodgers for like fifteen years turner could be turner i was at that game where he hit the home run the ninth and it was like the minute his bat may contact attorney my wife and my brother and his wife let's go right now and we were running let's as we write damning kirks the walls blue reclosing the fuck out get out about to get curbed due bit losing dodgers games auto show someone's gonna lower it down and hit his sixteen switches into our dead it is i although it's so funny because you're going to raise your kids cubs fans i am in the craziest my wife white sox fan why she my wife i met my wife let us get she likes own against his on against scarborough cover men that's not true not true it's we always say reporter she was at she grew up might socks fan i don't know how i used to tell people that her dad and brother were the father and son that ran on the field and beat up tom gamboa she was like stop telling people that because they believe in the father son team the beat of the other name william t shits i think it's terrible.

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